Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Adoption Is An Option

I'm pro life, but it always pissed me off every time I see one of those bumper stickers or drive by a Planned Parenthood when people are holding signs that say "Adoption Is An Option"

I wonder, how many of you self absorbed holier than thou hypocrites would actually take one of those babies and raise them as your own?

Easier said than done.
I've never been one for easy, so...

The past month (Mrs Bug) and I have been waiting to see if we could adopt a baby who's 16 year old mother was raped.

As is protocol, we had written letters to the mother, made a family srcap book so she could see what kind of family the baby boy would be going to. (He's due December 16th)

We have been praying daily for the mother and that the decision would be the one best for the baby.

Friday we found that we were one of three families she was finally considering. Wow, what a tense weekend.

Yesterday we found out that we ended up the number two choice.
It's hard not to take it as rejection, because we believe in providence (no, not Rhode Island) I can't tell you how heart broken we were. I was dreading the deciison and was devistated to find that we were not chosen and there it happened.

Although, it hurts, I believe the baby is going to the best family.

Well, TODAY we were asked to take a one month old baby who has been put into long term foster care. Meth Addict Mom.
This one is a girl, were were hoping for a boy just because of living space and our existing three children.
We said yes because we just love children and couldn't even think of rejecting a child.

We pick up the baby in two hours. Mrs Bug is at the store buying formula and diapers for the baby with our neighbor, Mrs Bug's Neighbor.

We haven't told family or friends about any of the last few days and tonight we are having Thanks Giving with my family an hour after we pick the baby up.

"Hey. look what we found out in the street"

The baby has been with a temporary foster family for the last month. Has never been with the Mother except for supervised visits. So that should tell you that she's already on the State's short list.
The birth mom has been a big problem already with the baby.
She has three other children that have already been taken from her.

The baby is in a Fos-Adopt program. She's adoptable, but reunification is always the intent, so we have to go through this whole process, maybe even years and then the baby may go back to her birthmom.

Am I ready for the roller coaster?
Dunno, I hope so.
So, thought I'd share what's going on in the Bug Nest.

Blessings everyone.

Happy Thanks Giving.

Monday, November 15, 2004


Holy crow. Whole day of testing. (Respiratory) Usually we have our written test in the morning, then lecture the rest of the afternoon. Thrusday and Friday we are broken down into four sections to make it quicker and easier by having smaller groups. AM and PM both days. I have Thursday PM. Usually I have my practical testing stations Thursday afternoon. Today we had it all day long. Well, I passed with a 97% average for all my tests.
Man, I was nervous too. I guess when I get too cocky I do poorly.
Tomorrow starts the cardiac block. I love cardiac!!

My brother started a new job at "Cheeseburger-Cheeseburger". It's a national franchise that just opened up here in Omaha. Tonight is family night. He gets to invite three people. My mother and my buddy Scott and I are going as family. Scott is actually related way, way in the past some how. We figured it out once by accident. Funny, eh?
Well, we get free stuff tonight to Eat and Drink, so tonight call me Mary.

OK, time to study cardiac before my oldest daughter gets home from school. I need to go mix a SPARK packet and drink it down. I'm kind of tired.

Oh, yeah. Although I am having a cheeseburger tonight on a special occasion, I've been doing that oatmeal breakfast thing to get my cholesterol down. Quick Oats. Three minutes to a heart healthy breakfast!

Saturday, November 13, 2004


Saw this.
Thought it was interesting.
Alcohol and Calorie content for most beers.
Just in case some lush decides to read my blog.

Friday, November 12, 2004


Right after the fall of Bahgdad my mother spent some time working with a relief agency group in Iraq.

At the time the Iraqis were very grateful and saying how much they loved America and George Bush and were very grateful that they were liberated from Saddam.

Well, after over a year of what we have seen in the media about how much the Iraqi people want us out I thought I'd share an e-mail from an Iraqi woman to my mom and her team members whow were with her in Iraq.

"Dear Friends,
I want to congratulate you on the re-elction of President George Bush. I know that you prayed a lot for this. We are also happy for this. President Bush freed us from dictatorship and tyranny. We hope that he and the US Amininstration will keep helping us to establish freedom and defeat the terrorists. Our wish is to keep good relations with the Amarican people to make the world more peaceful and prosperous. I hope that everything is ok with you all.

Please keep in touch.
God bless you.

I don't know about any of you who read this, but this touched me.
Regardless of what our lying media says, our men and women are doing a noble job. I'm proud of them and know that they are appreciated overseas despite what the spineless Euros are saying.

My mother also says that she recieved emails from other Iraqi's she knows from her time there regarding the beheadings and they said that every Iraqi knows the kidnappers are foreigners and not them, but apologized anyway on behalf of "true Muslims".

Malak, the woman who's letter I posted, told my mother that everyone she knows doesn't blame America for the prisoner abuse stuff either, that American soldiers have been good to them and that the prison was a bunch of bad apples.

That, my friends, is awesome. Almost brought a tear to my eyes.
Just thought I'd share something about Iraq that I know is true.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Holy Crow! Just got back from the Doctors and got a shocker!
My triglycerides are 236. Cholesterol is 203. HDL (good cholesterol) is 31.
Because of being a full time student with no income, I had to cut out my gym membership for budget reasons. I know I don't eat as much and I've gained a little weight, but I still have some muscle under my fat.
Makes me start to take the BMI (Body Mass Index) scale a little more seriously. Based upon the BMI with my weight, I should be 6 ft 8. I'm only 5 ft 9.
Gotta start doing something about it now. Sigh.
Isn't there a magic pill or something. Maybe I need to do what the commercials say and eat more oatmeal or cheerios or something instead of the fruity pebbles.
As long as I don't have to stop drinking coffee. At least I take my coffee black.

Saturday, November 06, 2004


Well, my huskers are absolutely getting their butts kicked and I can't bear to hear any more of it.
I can't believe they performing so pathetically on both sides of the ball.
This is truely one of the most depressing games I've ever listened to on the radio. Grrr....
OK. Now, as I check on the USATODAY score board, Nebraska has just scored two touch downs.
They are one touch down behind with five mintes left in the game.
Now I really can't listen to the Radio. I might jinx them. ;)

Mean while, in the bat cave.

I was at OFDS 40 last night. 16:00-22:00. Only two runs on a Friday night in the hood. Boring runs too. One of my paramedic instructors was the station captain. I like him. These guys wouldn't let me study.
Made me watch The Punisher with them. I didn't know they allowed the hazing of students. That was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.

Today I made hot wings. Made way too much sauce. I dont' think I'm going to save it this time. Like a dummy I put it all on the wings.

OK, I'm going to go up and eat some cereal before church. Saturday Night service rocks.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


It's been a while since I last made an entry. I have been burried in Respiratory Pharmacology. Need to be ready to do a Rapid Sequence Intubation, you know.

Yesterday I was at Omaha Fire Department Station 42. 07:00 to 22:00.
Long day and only 4 runs, two of which the patient signed AMA so we didn't go to the hospital with them.
It's been almost two years since I'd been on a Rescue and I was rather rusty. Some assessment things I missed, but when there are 4 people in a squad and an Engine responds too, you have 12 firemen at the scene asking questions. It's hard to remember where to proceede from there, you know. I'm not thinking I'm going to have a very good review. -sigh-
I have to deliver it to my advisor in a sealed envelope. Makes me nervous.
I got a lot of studying done during all the down time, though.
A ton of election talk in the fire house.
They had the television on in the kitchen/dining room, where I was relegated when we were'nt responding.
We are supposed to avoid speaking politics while at the station, but it was hard being the morning after the election. I tried my best to have as innocuous responses as possible.
Traditionally, Fire Fighters are very Democrat. The Unions always support the Democrating candidate, but most of the house were VERY vocal Republicans.

If you have never been to a Fire House, don't go if you are easily offended.
Reminded me very much of Fraternity life. Very crass and strange sense of humors fire fighters have.

Friday I'm at station 40, but only from 16:00 to 22:00.
I know one of the captains there(Paramedic Instructor at Creighton), he's on an engine, but I'm sure he'll ride my brown butt any chance he gets.
Love the guy. Gruff, brash and loud, but he knows his stuff. I'm actually looking forward to getting harrassed by him.

December my wife is basically going to be a single mom. I am in the Hospital ER or with OFD every day I'm not in class.

Well, sounds like the kids are killing each other upstairs, so I'd better go get them out of "Room Time"

Until next time.