Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Trouble Is...

Trouble is, when you hit the ground running, you're liable to crash into something...
Well, flew to Vegas, last Wednesday made the decision to take dad off of life support.
He was actually semi-lucid enough to understand the ramifications of it all. He didn't see the point of living with no quality of life.
Friday he went to hospice..we spent 12 hours a day at his bedside, mostly watching him sleep.
We tried to wake him up on Sunday (Christmas) before we left, but he wouldn't wake, just groggilly said OK when we said we were going.
Dad died this morning.
I'm still so worn out from it all...worked the next morning at 05:00 and then drove the following day to Tulsa to finalize some stuff for my new job.
The hospice called me while I was getting my pre-hire physical.
I just want to curl up in a ball and collapse, you know?
I don't think I can get out there for any of the "sevices" if you want to call it that.
He didn't want a funeral, wanted to be cremated.
We arranged for the cremation, he's going to be burried at the veteran's cemetary in Boulder City, NV.
Why does this all make me feel guilty?
This all just sucks.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

So Begins The End

I knew this day would come, I just didn't expect it to happen so soon. (Though, anytime is too soon)
When my dad had to have a quadurple bi-pass a couple of years ago I flew out to Vegas and was made medical power of attorney before the procedure.
Since then, we've had a few scares, but now it's looking like the end.
Dad is in the hospital, had to have a G-Tube put in because he failed three swallow studies and was aspirating all his oral intake. He told me that he saw no reason for living since he couldn't walk or drive and now he can't eat.
Well, I think he is chosing to go. They are increasing his dopamine and dobutamine and still his heart is failing. He's becoming increasingly disoriented.
They want to move him to hospice and make him a catagory 3, which means they want to take him off of what life support he's on.
Now, I have to fly out to Vegas and make that decision.
I'm going to lose my daddy for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Do You Hear That?

Can you hear it? I'm sure if you hold your ear close enough to the monitor you can hear my stomach grumbling.
As the move comes closer, I'm craving all the traditional Omaha fravorites before I go.
Like McDonalds and Wendy's...
Seriously. I am having some serious jonesing for Valentino's and I haven't even left yet.
I think it's in anticipation for not haveing free access to it any time I want.
There goes my stomach again.
So, I think I may pick up one of thier lunches on my way to work.
Funny, it's all Pizza I want before I go.
Don Carmelo's
Not so much Runzas, like so many do, but I just may just to say that I did.

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Morning After

No surprise U2 tickets.
No surprise party.
No surprise anything for that matter.
Why am I still wearing the duty cap I put on to take my daughter to school?
Wife got a baby sitter.
We went to Chipotle Grill.
They have some pretty good stuff for semi-fast food. If you have never been there, it's a step up fom Taco Bell, but much more expensive.
Like it a ton, but you just can't beat the bean for you buck with Taco Bell.
The rest of the night was spent just walking the mall and talking "uninterrupted" with the wife.
Nice, relaxing night.


Got a call from a nurse in Vegas when I got home. Dad is in the hospital again after being found on the floor of his retirement home. Can't swallow anymore and has to have a G-Button put in.
Is on two different type of Inotropes, because of CHF. I think my dad is just wearing down, I don't think he realizes that with the G-button he won't be able to go back to the retirement center and will have to go to a nursing home. It's hard to process a parent getting too old, you know? It's hard to grasp the reality that they are not long for this world. I can only pray that he comes to a point of contrition before he goes. Not looking forward to "The Call", but I know it's more than likely going to come soon.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Today Is...

Today is my birthday...nah, nah, nah, nah, nah...
It's my birthday too, yeah...nah, nah, nah, nah, nah...
I'm self graciating...nah, nah, nah, nah, nah...
I'm drinking coffee...nah, nah, nah, nah, nah...
It's Starbucks' Christmas blend...nah, nah, nah, nah, nah...
This is getting to be over kill...nah, nah, nah, nah, nah...
So, stop reading if you don't like it...nah, nah, nah, nah, nah...
You must really have no life, yeah...nah, nah, nah, nah, nah...
If you're still reading this crap...nah, nah, nah, nah, nah...
ok, I'm boring myslef too....nah, nah, nah, nah, nah...
So, I'm going to stop now...nah, nah, nah, nah, nah...
no, seriously...I really am...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas Shopping.

Holy, cow. The wife is so hard to shop for.
Well, lack of cash kind of makes it more difficult, but sheesh.
She really doesn't want anything except practical stuff and the only thing I know she really needs is a practical thing, but HOLY CROW, can you say even the cheap stuff is expensive. I got what I know she needs, but hasn't mentioned needing and only SOME of the stuff she asked for and I already know I've spent over 3x what she is willing to spend on me (not jealous, just know she's not going to be happy with the amount I spent)
[Iced Grande Caramel Macchiato]

I still need to go out for more.


What the heck are the stores doing being so busy on a weekday morning anyway?
Don't people have jobs or something?

I did go to the mall kiosque (sp?) and got my Starbuck's regular: Quad, Iced Venti, six pump vanilla Caramel Macchiato.
Found a mall gift card with a couple of bucks on it, used my partner discount and it all only cost me $0.99

I did have the opportunity of putting a saucy note on a buddy's windshield when I saw his car.
Can't wait to ask him how his day went today.

It's That Time Of Year Again.

  • Make A Flake

  • Not to mention that I have insomnia.

    Did I make this Html work?

    Monday, December 12, 2005

    Sleepless In Omaha

    Yeah, the title is cliche, but it's my blog, so come up with your own clever title on your own blog.
    I hate this insomnia thing. Usually, I can go down to the couch and I'll sleep after a bit, but my mind is going a billion miles per hour.
    I'm not one to get nervous or worry, but I can't stop thinking about Tulsa and the new job.
    A ton to think about, you know?
    Moving my entire family, only after being away from them for six weeks. (boo, hoo, soldiers are in Iraq for a year away from thier families)
    Not making nearly what I was expecting. (And you're making more now?)
    With an EMT-B partner, it's all on me. (So you went to Paramedic school so someone else can make all the decisions?)
    blah, blah, goes on and on in my head.

    Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    Tulsa Bound

    Tulsa Bound!

    I have no idea what kind of song may go with that.  I was kind of digg’n on the Little Rock song, but I’m sure I would have gotten rather tired of it pretty quickly.
    There are enough country singers in Tulsa that there HAS to be a catchy song about Tulsa that I’m not ware of.  If anyone knows of one, let me know.
    But, I digress.
    EMSA called me yesterday and apologized for not sending an offer letter and offered me over the phone.
    I accepted, well, at least I’ll sign the paper when they finally do send it to me.
    The pay is much less than I had hoped, but I firmly believe this is the job I am supposed to take.
    The academy begins January 9th.  (My son’s church dedication is the afternoon on the 8th, so I’m going to have to break the speed limit driving down to Tulsa.)  Ok, academy is 6 weeks long and pretty intense, they say.  The family will move down after the academy is done.  Much less stress and distraction with that arrangement not to mention that my oldest will be done with her semester in mid-January.
    It’s so stink’n cold up here that I’m looking forward to any incremental temperature increase this winter, no matter how small it may be.  Ask me this summer how I feel about the winter when my dashboard is melting.
    Now, I have to break the news to my mother.  She’s going to be majorly bummed that I am moving her favorite grandchildren away from her.

    Friday, December 02, 2005

    Again With The Waiting...

    It's been non-stop Starbuck's since I've returned from Tulsa.
    I think the interview went rather well.
    It was sincerely the most enjoyable interview I've ever had.
    Very relaxed. Nice, nice people.
    The salary the quoted me was much, much lower than I had anticipated or hoped for.
    Grrr....I don't know how long Little Rock will be before they even contact me for an interview/testing phase, so I may be inclined to accept the Tulsa job if they offer it to me.
    I was hoping for an offer letter today, but they DID say that I should hear from them by letter no latter than Tuesday.
    When I have had corporate jobs, I have negotiated for a higher salary, but I am not too sure I feel comfortable negotiating with this kind of job. It is an hourly pay kind of job. It's only 3 x 12 hour shifts a week, so there is ample opportunity for extra shifts at overtime so it COULD possibly work out better. I have felt more secure negotiating in the past because I have been in more stable, better paying jobs that I could use as a platform, but I am barely making ends meet at Starbuck's.
    I dunno, time will tell. Got to trust that God has it all in control. I tend to try to make things happen on my own.

    Monday, November 28, 2005

    Almost Died Last Night!!!!

    Dang! Can you say white knuckle driving?
    Drove to Little Rock last night.
    60mph winds, drving rain and tornados the whole way. 9 1/2 hours.
    You should have seen all the buildings blown down along the way.
    Crazy too, they drive like 90 and above through AR and OK. Seriously. I was driving 80+ just so that I wouldn't get run off the road (Inthe weather mentioned) and people were still tail gating me andpassing me. Went by a pretty big car accident on the way into Tulsa, the ambulances were just leaving when I went buy. I guess some wood from a lumber yard got blown into the interstate, struck a mini-van and knocked it over. Killed one guy, the other guy was in critical condition last I heard. Yet, they still drove on like loons.
    Went to MEMS of Little Rock for an Paramedic position.
    It was rather anticlimactic.
    Filled out an application, handed her my resume packet and she looked at it and said, "We'll call you for testing and interviews." She looked at the Resume, saw the color copies of all my certifications and said, "Ooooh, that's nice...what a great idea." paused and said, "You're already a Paramedic, that's good." What the heck? Of course I'm "Already a Paramedic". It's not an OJT thing....I know there is a reason I was suppose to drive there and apply. I need to trust God that he's going to make things work out.
    Now I'm in Tulsa for my intervew tomorrow.
    Man, I'm tired.
    Didn't sleepwell last night.
    I'm nervous as all get out, Panel interview in the morning, so I probably won't sleep well tonight.

    Monday, November 21, 2005

    Maybe We Could Be On A Roll In Little Rock?

    So, I was thinking. Since I'll be going down to Tulsa next week...I could just swing by Little Rock a day early and submit a resume with this EMS company down there. They ONLY take resmues in person. No online, no person. It's woth a shot. Plus it would give me an excuse to sing the Collin Raye song...

    "I think I'm on a roll here in Little Rock.
    I'm solid as a stone, baby, wait and see.
    I've got just one small problem here in Little Rock,
    without you, baby I'm not me.

    Without you, baby I'm not me...

    I think I'm on a roll here in Little Rock."

    I've never been to Little Rock and have always liked that song.

    Friday, November 18, 2005

    Move Along

    Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.
    Ho hum couple of days. Nothing really exciting.
    'cept, we traded in the Air Craft Carrier (15-Passenger) Goliath for a Dodge Caravan.
    That's about exciting, isn't it?
    No, seriously. It's nice to have a vehicle that doesn't scream. "Immigration and Naturalization Service, we're here to deport you!!" Especially in our neighborhood.
    You should see the people run.
    Though, that does make for a cheap Friday night date with the Mrs.

    Wednesday, November 16, 2005

    Is It For Breakfast?

    Mmmm......Last night my wife made some pretty tastey home made vegetable soup. It had nice "hearty" (whatever that means, but it sounds appropriate) chunks of vegetalbes. I was thinking, this is really nice, but it needs just one more thing...some sort of sausage. So, I decided to go out and get a movie (I had yet to see Star Wars Episode III-Revenge Of The Sith) and rented it.

    The video store is next to a discount super market so I decided to peruse the meat counter.
    Low and behold what do I see? But a Hillshire Farm Hot Smoked Sausage looking at me. We love the Hillshire Farm Polska Keilbasa, but I had never seen this.

    To make a long story not at all much shorter, but for the lack of a better segway, this morning I was chopping up the Hot Smoked Sausage to put in the soup and saw that I had more than what the soup really needed. Since my two middle children had eaten my Malt O'Meal I heated up about an inch of the alluring link. HOLY CROW! That stuff is awesome!!! I would highly advise anyone who has even a bit of a palate to try that. If they don't have it at the store you frequent change stores immediately because your store meat manager is a moron.

    I think I just may have to make a store run after the Mrs. gets back and do some of this for lunch. Maybe with some nice boxed AuGratin potatos.

    I had a rooomate once with whom I used to cook Hillshire Farm Polska Keilbasa and Boxed AuGratin Potatos and Broccoli a lot with. When you're a couple of bachelors that's good home cook'n.

    Oh, by the way, I neither work for nor represent Hillshire Farm in any way. I just think saying the entire name is fun.

    Tuesday, November 15, 2005

    Tulsa Trip

    Well, it looks like I'm Tulsa bound.

    Finally got in touch with EMSA, seems thier recruiting coordinator is overly taxed and is not in his office much. Imagine, a guy involved with EMS overly taxed. But, I want to get involved with this stuff in the worst way.

    It's nice having friends down in the Tulsa area.
    I have options to chose from in where I can stay, though, I'm looking forward to staying with a family who are pretty much our best family friends. We love these guys and only can pray they stay a long time. They miss Nebraska a ton. Maybe it'll be easier for them when we move down there.

    EMSA: Panel interview on the 29th and thier 4 week Academy begins January 9th.
    I think I can manage staying at Starbuck's for a little while longer, just need to pick up as many hours at other stores as I can.

    Being in Big 12 Country will be still be cool. I couldn't imagine living in Big 10, SEC or ACC country. Like the history in OK.

    Man, am I ready for a change.

    Dang, I'm late for work!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    How Long?

    Dang, how long must it take to get in touch with Tulsa?
    It's like phone tag, but they're in slow motion.

    I always tell my brother, "Employers are never in as much of a hurry to hire you as you are to be hired.", but It's hard to take ones own advice.

    I really need to start looking for another job. $8.50 and hour plus tips at Starbuck's isn't enough to support a family. Paramedics for private ambulance companies here in Omaha only make $9.00 an hour so it's not much better.

    Maybe I can look at Creighton Medical Center and get a job as an ICU tech or something.
    It's getting rather frustrating. I looked at Little Rock, AR, but you have to go down there and apply in person. That's a bit of a jaunt to fill out an application that may or may not happen.

    Today is the first snow of the year and everyone is driving like morons. It's amazing how the time between snow falls erases any type of winter weather driving skills. The kids were so happy that it was going to snow that they had us get out thier "Heavy Coats" out the night before so they'd have them ready.

    I'm dreading my Noon to 4 shift at Starbuck's today. (What a worthless shift) It's going to be freagg'n busy with people coming in for winter drinks. What amazes me is that no matter how cold it is out, there is always some one and her friend (usually a women and no I'm not a mysoganist,) who order two different kinds of Frappuccinos during a stink'n rush.

    Ok, I'm being bad father by ignoring my kids while the spouse is gone.
    Anyone know of a 911 base ambulance service that is hiring, pop me a message, will ya?

    Sunday, November 13, 2005

    Bilateral Pedal Paresthesia Neuropathy

    Bot of my feet have fallen asleep. I hate that. I think I'm getting old. My feet sometimes even ache after when I try to walk after sitting or laying down for a long time. Goes away after a few seconds, but it's still quite discomforting.

    Speaking of discomforting. This season's football is going to be the death of me. Seriously, can someone please bolus me with some verapamil? I think I'm going to have a heart attack watching both my Huskers and my Buccaneers play. Both of those teams have won their last games by come from behind wins in the last seconds and have held off the opponents as the seconds wane.
    I don't know how much more of this I can take. At least my Huskers have salvaged the season and have won a bowl bid. Maybe the Callahan haters will stop whining for some the last couple of years haven't been changes enough. Brainiacs. [insert :rolleyes:]

    Today our youngest turned one. We haven't didn't have a party for him because we were hoping for a doppio celebration with the adoption being finalized, but the complete loser of an adoption counsilor screwed that opportunity for us.

    We had quite a cultural masala today.
    Neighbors are from Bangaladesh. Thier daughter turned 12 today. That's a big day in thier culture. Kind of her coming of age celebration. It was held at a Chinese Buffet.
    So, you have a (mostly) Mexican family, with a nearly albino son, at a Chinese Buffet celebrating the birthday of a Muslim Bangali girl who had invited some of her African-American classmates as well. It was pretty cool. Everyone was dressed to the nines (except for the Americans) and they were playing some AWESOME Bangladesh music (Sounds Like Indian music, but I'm dumb). I was digging it pretty well. Unfortunately, the gir doesn't like my kids, but the parents love my family and we really love the parents, so there you go.

    Hey, my feet are no longer asleep....Oh, sorry I slipped for a moment...I am no longer experiencing bilateral pedal paresthesia neuropathy.

    I am still full from the buffet of 5 hours ago, but am intending on popping some microwave popcorn with my wife after the kids go to sleep and washing it down with some Eggnog.

    Maybe I should go to the BP (Beyond Petroleum, my foot) and buy some Captains to go along with my Blue Bunny EggNog. That might take away this caffine headache that Starbuck's has so cursed me with. I should no better than to add a shot to my Iced Vente 6 pump vanilla quad Caramel Macchiato.

    Paper Thin

    Man, the walls of these towne homes are paper thin. You can hear the neighbors like they're sitting in your living room.
    I knew I was a pathetic drunk when I was in my college days back in the 80's, but these guys take the cake. (must be rum cake) I'm getting up at 5:00am to go to work and they're just getting home. Loud, boisterous and stupid! Talking at 30o decibles about absolutely stupid stuff.
    The one roomate has lost his lisence to DWI and has to have everyone pick him up.
    It's pretty sad really.

    Friday, November 11, 2005

    Baby's Doing Fine

    Things are goood. Surgery went really well.
    G-Tube is out. Fistula closed. All bandaged up and packaged nicely.
    Kids are amazing. He wakes up from surgery and just starts playing like nothing is unusual.
    I actually think he's in a better mood than he has been in months, his G-Button site must have really been killing him more than we thought.
    All the nurses loved him. What's not to love?
    Oh, yeah...and he's home now eating like a machine.
    Got his one year photos back today. He's so stink'n cute!!!

    Wednesday, November 09, 2005

    More and More Drama

    Holy stink'n crow.
    When it rains it pours.
    Maybe there should be a law for drama limits in a week or something.

    As you guys know, our adoptive baby boy has a G-Button (Tummy tube feeding valve thingy) because when we got him he was in failure to thrive. He was only taking 1/2 once by mouth the rest by G-button. Well, we haven't used it in 10 weeks for nutrition and for about 8 weeks for medication. He is taking 100% of his intake by mouth.
    Well, the last 4 weeks his G-button has been really red and leaky. We called and they said, that's normal. We said, we know it's not normal. They said, you have a Dr appointment in 6 weeks let's look at it then.
    The last two weeks th G-button has been WAY LEAKY, like 3-4 ounces leaky after each feeding.

    The last week, it's been literally squirting out stomach acid. We've caled and called and they said, "Well, it needs to stay in for 6 months after last use anyway just in case he catches a cold." WTF??? "Yeah, in case he catches a cold and needs fluid." WTF do you do normally with kids who get really sick during the cold season. Worst case, send them to the ER and put in an IV. Just because the kid has Down, we have to leave it in?

    Any way, finally we called enough times in the last few days to get thier attention and they said, "We'll take it out and put a new one that fits better in, it must just need to be replaced."
    Mrs. Bug takes him to the office, it's only a nurse who looks at it, she lifts up his shirt and says, "Um, we need to have the Doc look at this in-between his surgeries." The doc is pissed off that he has to be called to the whiney parents, storms in, looks at it and says. "Oh, that's not right. No F'n duh, you freak'n asss hole.

    [side note: Mrs.Bug has worked with him in surgery and knows hes one of the biggest asses in surgery she's ever worked with]

    Anyway Mrs. Bug tells him the whole story of how he was when we got him and where he is now......factors into his decison that........
    The site not only is really erroded and infected, but also quite herniated. The pulled the tube[spewed mucousa, food, and acid all over the doc] now his is in the hospital, they're doing surgery on Wednesday to fix the herniation and they decided not to replace the G-button.
    Bastards, we could have saved them the trouble a few weeks ago when we asked them to pull it out then and he wouldn't have to have all this surgery.

    We are not these, "Well, we're medical people and you better listen to us pain in the butts, but WE'RE MEDICAL PEOPLE AND YOU BETTER LISTEN TO US!!!!
    You would not believe how nice everyone was being to us tonight. I just left the hospital and Mrs. Bug and I did the pass the baton of staying in the room. Next couple of days are gonna suck.

    By the way, I may be driving down to Tulsa for an interview next week. Will solidify things tomorrow (Wednesday)

    Tuesday, November 08, 2005

    Cops Called.

    We called the cops on one of our neighbors today.
    They send their 2 year old, 4 year old and 8 year old out to play with NO supervision all the time. I mean ALL the time. We NEVER see the parents.

    Well, today a neighbor lady knocks on our door at 8:00 am. She's holding a the two year old who is only wearing Pampers and little t-shirt.
    The lady asked, "This little guy was just wandering around. Do you know where he belongs?"

    So I take the guy over to his apartment where only the screen door is closed.
    I knock...wait...knock harder....wait...ring the bell and knock....wait.....nothing.
    So I stick him inside. [Repeat the previous three times]

    So, We call the cops. I was just going to call CPS, but the wife wanted the cops called because the parents might be dead or sick or something.

    Cops come and knock and ring and call in through the door. Get no response. So the cops go inside. Turns out that the mom was just sleeping upstairs. She said her son must not have locked the screen door when he left for school. They said that they filed a report and the next time it happens the mom will be arrested. Mrs. Bug is worried that we pissed off the neighbors, but I could care less. Better a pissed off neighbor than a dead kid.

    Monday, November 07, 2005

    Casting Out A Net

    Well, can't sit around licking my wounds. Just started applying for other jobs.
    Looking at Tulsa and Oklahoma City.
    Gonna look elswhere too.
    If I want more fish, need to cast out a bigger net.

    Friday, November 04, 2005

    Hey, At Leat I'm Lisenced..

    For what it's worth, I'm lisenced.
    I submitted my request on Monday, and got it today.
    Never knew the State could be so quick and efficient.

    Wednesday, November 02, 2005

    How Many Ways To Fail?

    Well, here's yet another opportunity to spiral down the rejection cycle into the depths of hopelessness and anguish.

    Just got a cheerful call from the hiring director for Johnson County MED-ACT who let me know that not only did I not pass the test, but did so in an absolutely abysmal capacity. How the heck could I have scored a 66%?????? Sixty-Six freak’n percent!

    I just passed the National Registry, how the heck, could I fail this so miserably?

    What the heck should I do now? I knew that I was going to have to re-orientate my focus and gear toward staying until January, but now I have ABSOLUTELY NO LEADS!!

    Back to the freak’n drawing board.

    I feel like looking everywhere in the world for a job just so I don’t have to face the humiliating questions like, “So, when are you going to be a paramedic?”

    Hmmmm….”C’mere, let me rip out your throat and then try to save you!!!”

    AAAAAAGH! I want to start breaking things!!

    I am so pissed, disappointed, sad.

    I just want to curl up in a ball in the closet and cry.

    How much more humiliating can this all get?

    -Oh, great, ask a question like that and you’re bound to find out in a way you don’t want.

    Tuesday, November 01, 2005

    The Waiting Game

    So, now it's time for the tried and true version of "THE WAITING GAME!" [Insert deep, echo chamber voice]
    All necesary items have been sent down to Johnson County MED-ACT. I have taken thier version of the National Registry (Which, if I failed to mention, I passed) and am waiting for them to grade it. I found out today, that they are not starting their academy on the 28th of November as I had previously assumed, but they are starting on January 4th. Takes the pressure of quite a bit.
    November 28th is when they begin the interview process. Must remember to clean my ears out more regularly.
    I guess, I get to work at Starbuck's a little while longer. That's good in a way, in December I get 2 lbs of coffee a week instead of one. I will build up my caffine stockpile like a bean miser...bwuah, ha, ha, ha...
    I'll have to reorientate my brain toward staying a bit longer. I think I've been buying into the short timer syndrome, which is not good either way.
    Speaking of Starbuck's. Today they unveiled the new seasonal, Ginger Bread and Egg Nog Lates. I like ginger bread and I like Egg Nog, but in a Late? Freak'n gross!!!
    With the Pumpkin Spice Lates that they have now, people ask me if it's good. I just give them that "Legendary" smile and say, "It's very popular." [Translation, I think it's absolutely gross, but women and some men who I hold in very little regard order it all the time.]
    Seriously, If you are a guy who orders a freag'n Pumpkin Spice or Ginger Bread Late, you have immediately lost all guy points. Stink'n grow a set and order a Doppio Esspresso. If you want to feel you feminine side order your Doppio Esspresso Con Pana (with whip) That's an acceptable deviation of masculine taste. These, um, men, come in and order a non-fat Pumkin Spice Late with one SPLENDA®. You know this guy has a pink triangle on the back of his car and if he doesn't I'll go put one on there for him because he drinks like he needs it there.
    Maybe I'm a coffee snob. I like my coffee like I like my women. Bitter and murkey.
    Alright, better get upstairs.
    Been hiding too long on the computer.

    Thursday, October 27, 2005

    I May Be In A Movie.

    I neglected to mention a couple of weeks back(Oct 6th) that they were filming a movie down town called "Leaving Omaha" -About some family trying to get away for vacation and wacky things happen to them.
    The movie has:
    Dave Foley,(kids in the hall) Lea Thompson( too many movies to list), Patricia Richardson, (Home Improvement + West wing) Cynthia Stevenson,“Agent Cody Banks,” “Six Feet Under”) Ethan Phillips, (“Bad Santa,” “Star Trek” movie and TV episodes) and Vicky Lewis (“Seinfeld” and “Home Improvement”)

    They were filming all day infront of the Starbuck's I work at.

    (I made a late's and Cafe Mochas for all those guys.)

    Had a bunch of pictures taken with them,.
    Anyway, during my lunch break, the "Location Director" had me walk back and forth along the side walk during a couple of scenes.

    Who knows, maybe I'll make the cut.

    Wednesday, October 26, 2005

    Results Mailed

    Wow, they're moving fast.
    Checked this morning and the NREMT website indicated that they mailed the results off already today. Now I can apply for Nebraska state licensure and then for Kansas state reciprocity.
    -Sigh- Jocoems, was supposed to call me again yesterday for to establish a date to take "thier" test.
    C'mon guys, I just took the NREMT National Registry. Isn't that good enough?

    Wasn't supposed to work tonight, but my boss needed a fill in. I'll be working for her.
    At least she's going to work my Saturday morning for me. It'll be nice having a Saturday off.
    Maybe watch some football. Do I really want to watch my Huskers play OU? Yes, but I'm going to be nauseous during the entire game. Last week's loss against Missouri hurt. We've got to win this one. I know the Huskers are better than the way they played last week.

    Tuesday, October 25, 2005


    Maybe I've been drinking a bit too much coffee, every day since I've taken my Paramedic National Registry test I've been checking the website to see if I've passed or not.
    Yesterday they indicated that they had received it and it had been passed on to grading. ( Takes 72 hours)
    Well, I didn't want to wait 72 hours so I checked this morning and then checked this afternoon.
    It says:
    Name: BugAhaBuc*
    Level: Paramedic
    Status: Registered
    Description: Currently registered with the NREMT.

    Written Exam Date: 10/17/2005
    Written Exam Scored: 10/25/2005 Passed
    Written Results Mailed:


    Now, that's all they give you at this point. They mail the results later, as you can see above where we'll be able to see the break down of our scores, including the overall score.
    What matters most, however, is that I freag'n passed!!!!!

    Now, I need to go drink more coffee.
    Rift Valley Blend today. Made it in the French Press.

    Sunday, October 23, 2005

    Free Time?

    Holy Cats!
    I have four days without work.
    I can't remember the last time I had so much free time.
    Maybe read a book? Hmmmmm.....

    Saturday, October 22, 2005

    "Moses supposes his toses are roses..."

    "...but Moses supposes erroneously."
    Singin' In The Rain (1952)

    Friday night we had the dreaded responsibility to explain to the maternal birth family of our youngest (whom we are in the process of adopting) that we would be changing his name.
    As we expected, it was difficult to recieve. What I find interesting, is that not only the birthfamily, but the adoption counselor assumed that we would keep his given name. Now, we recieved him at 5 months old, so all parties involved have been used to his legally given name, but to assume that we would not take the same time, care and thought which we put into our bio-kids names for his name as know what they say about assuming....
    We want to fully claim him, he is part of our family as much as any of our bios. I think, in the long run, it will be good for the birth family. It hit them like a Mack Truck, but they needed the umbilicus cut. I know that they'll recover and hopefully the relationship will be better because of this. I think they still felt in control and quite frankly, they aren't. What kind of pisses me off, is that the so called adoption counselor should really know better. She took it upon herself to put his given name on the adoption/court papers we signed without even asking what we were going to have has his name. This chick has been doing this work for 15 years.
    Amazing....what do you expect? She is a Notre Dame graduate, after all.

    "What's in a name? that which we call a rose

    By any other name would smell as sweet;"
    Romeo and Juliet | Act II, Scene 2

    The birth grandfather (Whom I like the best of all of them) said the most mature comment of the entire birth family. "He's still the same sweet little boy." Mature, and sober, but the whole name thing as it influences who we are is a discussion I will expound upon at a later date.

    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    I'm Finally DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just completed 8 hours of testing of my second day of testing!(that sounds strange)
    Only three hours last night.
    I am finally done!!!
    I passed the Practical portion of my National Registry for Paramedic!!!!
    (All results are unofficial pending authorization from Deparment of Transportion National Registry)
    I actually can't find out my written results for another two weeks and that's online with a PASS or FAIL.
    The official document comes in the mail in about 4-6 weeks. Big envelope good, little envelope bad. But, for all tense and purposes, I'm done!!!
    There were Paramedics from different schools there as well, got to change institutional stories with them. I can say with the utmost certainty that Creighton University is one of the Best EMS schools in the country!!!
    Check it out.....There was even a Physician(Maxillio Facial Surgeon) who is a volunteer fire fighter. The only way he can function medically in the course of fire-fighting is by taking a Paramedic bridge course and National Registry.
    :snicker: he was actually having to take his cardiac (code) portion over again. Tongue That was sure a shot in the ego for Bug.

    Well, we may go to AppleBee's to celebrate, kids eat free on Tuesdays or we may use this coupon for Famous Dave's BBQ.

    I may go out with some buddies for some beer time later tonight! We'll see.

    I'm done, I'm done, I'm done....I'm finally DONE!!

    Oh and as I walked in the door today after having finished my National Registry (Did I mention that I'm done?), my wife of course congratulates me then hands me a packet from Johnson County Med-ACT asking me to schedule an interview!
    If I get hired, their academy starts the Monday after Thanks Giving.
    May be moving to Johnson County, Kansas soon!
    I'm looking forward to having a job that can support a family of 6.

    (Did I mention that I'm done?)

    I'm done, I"m done, I"m done!!!!!

    Kicked in the head!

    Wow, I felt like I was kicked in the head!
    Every single one of us left the written test with deer in the headlight expressions on our face.
    It was much harder than anyone expected. Funny how on tests like this most everyone collects outside to see how everyone else did instead of going home. Mutual reassurance or something.
    Discussing my answers with everyone else made me feel a bit more comfortable.
    We can find if we passed or failed online within two weeks or so.
    We won't be getting actual scores for about 4-6 weeks. Then it's little envelope BAD big envelope GOOOOOOD.
    Please, or please God send me a BIG envelope!!
    OK, after a short night sleep, back to review and then long hours of practical testing.

    Monday, October 17, 2005


    Friday night I was awakened at 2:00 am by my television blaring and then turning on and off and on and off and......
    Turns out that the on off swithch that was broken no matter what we did (aside from unplugging it) it keep doing what it wanted to do. My poor kids kept trying to watch cartoons the next day, but could only watch about 45 seconds at a time.
    Television was taken by the trashman this morning.

    Sunday, October 16, 2005


    It's finally here. What this whole thing has been about.
    The 17th and 18th are what equates to Paramedic Boards the infamous National Registry.
    The 17th is the written portion, and the 18th is the practical testing portion. Wednesday the 19th is set aside for those who have to retake any aspect of the practical.
    I feel pretty ready, actually. There are those in my class who have taken it earlier in other states and have said that Creighton has prepared them well. Creighton would not consider anything less than an 80% passing, but Registry considers 70% passing. Not that I am going to rest on that, but it is reassuring that we've been trained at a higher standard.
    I hope I'm not overconfident, we'll see how it goes.

    Wednesday, October 12, 2005


    Well, I'm spiralling down the rejection cycle.
    I was at a review session for the National Registry at Creighton and one of my classmates who took the Fire Test in Lincoln with me told me that Lincoln Fire and Rescue hired thier class. He got the rejection letter a month ago. I didn't get one. (our postman sucks, by the way)
    He says he was in a funk for about a week afterwards; this is the second time he's applied in Lincoln. Well, I guess I need to concentrate on the Overland Park/Johnson County thing.
    I just put in a call to one of my former Paramedic classmates who works down there to try to get a pulse of the sitiuation down there.
    Moving to the KC area actually sounds better to me anyway. I've already been looking for apartments for the family.
    Sigh, can't get to caught up in it all. If I lose focus and don't pass National Registry then the whole thing is mute anyway.

    Buddy Walk

    The Buddy Walk went well.
    Lots of Starbuck's partners were there.
    I didn't know before hand, but four stores brewed coffee and made hot chocolate for the walk.
    It was needed, boy was it cold.
    Man, I didn't know there were so many Down kids in Omaha. My wife wonders where they've all been hiding. It was encouraging to see so many that are so able bodied. Gives us hope.
    - - -

    Going to a 5 hour review session at school for our National Registry next week.
    I'm so glad, it's needed. I'm just nervous as all get out. This is it. This is what the last 14+ months have been all about.

    Still haven't heard anything from KC or Lincoln. Hopefully there will be someone to talk to tonight who is in the same position. Nothing like encouragement.

    Friday, October 07, 2005


    Man, I'm stink'n tired and I have no idea why.
    Not a good time either.
    Got a service to go to tonight, more than likely will be getting home late.
    Tomorrow I have to make coffee at 06:00 at Starbuck's because they're donateing coffee and coa-coa to the Buddy Walk. Buddy Walk is to raise $$ for Down Syndrome. Then I have to work at my store until close, which is followed by a bachelor party in Council Bluffs. (no, not that kind of party even though it's over in skank land, Iowa)
    I just want to sleep, man...
    Oy, I really need to crush med-math before my tests on the 17th-19th.
    Can I just say that I can't wait to move?

    Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    Almost There

    I really haven't been clear about the adoption, have I?
    OK, after a few months of meetings and stuff we were chosen to be the adoptive parents of a 5 month old baby boy with Down Syndrome.
    We are now approaching the state mandated 6 months of having him in our home before he can be officially adopted.
    The lady with the private charity organization we are adopting through just left after having us fill out tons more paper work. (We'll come back to this)
    We are doing an open adoption. That means the birth families get to visit him at least monthly [feels like freag'n more] and have all sorts of contact with him. Now, we signed the papers knowing this.
    Now, if anyone is considering an open adoption, DON'T! Seriously, don't do it. They'll give you all of these books trying to tell you how wonderful it is as you "parent" together. Let's think about that for a moment....You gave your child up for adoption, you gave up your right to "parent" that child! The books make it look WONDERFUL, for the birth family! They don't (and with good reason) bother getting the adoptive parent perspective. That's because it sucks for them. It is a pain totally disruption of your family. These interlopers always wanting as many visits as possible whenever it's convenient for them.
    Let the child go!!! You chose another family for a reason. Let the child adjust to his/her new forever family!
    OK, so, The birth families on both sides, still don't get it. They have this perception that we are some sort of annoying baby sitters they have to wrestle with whenever they want to see "their" child. No cutting of the cord here.
    So, since his name is still legally what he was born with, we've been calling him by that name.
    Well, now that we are approaching d-day, we are calling him a new name that we chose.
    The lady from (Now we're back to this) the adoption agencey comes with his old name all over all the documents, and seemed absolutely shocked that we change his name. HE'S FREAG'N OURS LADY!
    With her, an adoption specialist, reacting like that, we know it's going to not only surprise the birth family, but stink'n piss them all off.
    That may actually make it all worth it. :)

    Monday, October 03, 2005


    Alright, I'm getting impatient with Licoln Fire and Rescue, so I'm putting my feelers out.
    Can't really support a family as a Starbuck's Barista.
    Sending my "Rezzzuuuuumay" to Johnson County Kansas to work with thier 911 paramedic system.
    A change of venue might be nice. It's nice area down there. Wish me luck, whoever reads this thing.


    Ok, to get my iron levels up, the Doc has me on 150mg qd of Niferex. It's a polysaccharide-iron complex. IE, iron suppliments on steroids. ;)
    Been on them for 2 weeks, and I can't tell the difference, really. He wants me to see him again after 60 days of it.

    Wednesday, September 21, 2005

    Triglycerides-The Update

    Well, some month past I posted my high triglyceride count. It was 236, with a cholesterol of 203.
    9 mos later, after moderating my diet, running (training for the fire test) and losing 35 lbs, my triglycerides now sit at a comfortable level of 155, with a total cholesterol of 185.
    Bug is very happy with those numbers, however;........Bug's hemaglobin and iron levels are very low. Hgb of 12.6 g/dL, ferritin of 10ng/mL and iron of 40ug/dL including a total iron sat of 10%.
    So, to determin where that is coming from, since I have no blood in my stool. (Sorry to get so personal) they did personal thing and I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy all in one day. Boy, what a thrill. The prep part was really the worst of it because they knocked me out, but (no pun intended) I won't go into the prep.
    Well, the scoping was negative, except for the discovery of a hiatal hernia, they did some more tests including a celiac panel, also negative.
    Now, it's wait to see what the doctor thinks.
    All that said, I"m very pround of getting my cholesterol and triglycerides down. :)

    Tuesday, September 20, 2005


    I think I may be a little hyper-foucused.
    We get 1 lb of free coffee beans a week from Starbuck's.
    Yesterday I chose Ethiopia Sidamo.
    I brought it home and put in on the shelf with two of my previous coffee choices...Kenya and Rift Valley Blend. All Sub-Sahara African Coffees.
    I need to branch out a bit. Get a South American Coffee next time.

    Sunday, September 18, 2005


    Absent Without Excuse. I'd like to say I've been extremely busy (which I have been) but not posting is without excuse.

    Been really, really tired. Found out that I have Iron Deficiency Anemia. Had to go through a battery of tests to diagnose what the etiology of the IDA, but they have found nothing. So, I'm stil tired all the time.

    Hmmmm. Have I said that I have finally graduated from Creighton's Para medic program?
    What a load off the shoulders. Now it comes time to find a job. I AM, working at Starbuck's as a shift supervisor. I applied for just a job as a barista, but they made me a supervisor instead. Learning both jobs, plus studying for the National Registry (Paramedic version of the medical boards) is a lot. October 17th, 18th and 19th is going to be killer. Starbuck's is a great company, but I do not make even close to enough to support the family on, so I'm quite anxious for a real job.

    I am in the middle of the hiring process with Lincoln Fire and Rescue for a position of firefighter/paramedic. I guess I aced the written test, because of the 700+ applicants they only asked the top 100 to move on to the next phase, which was the physical agility test. The physical agility test was easier than I thought. It was fun too. Running around, schleping hose, climbing ladders...all while wearing the SCBA tanks was a blast. Zoomed through that, had an interview with one of the captains the next day and now....hurry up and wait. I heard rumors that they aren't calling for the Chief's interviews until mid October.

    If Lincoln doesn't work, we'll be looking at KC. The wife and I have taken a map and set it with pins in all the cities we'd be willing to relocate the family. We're kind of picky.

    Hmmmmm...The Foster baby we had went back to her birth dad. We miss her, but it's a good thing. We were able to visit her a couple of months ago and she looks really good. She most certainly belongs with him. They just looked right together. The birth mom is out of the picture and that is awersome.

    Have I mentioned that we are in the process of adopting a little boy with Down Syndrome? He's awesome. Should be finalized within a month or so. I'll update in a bit.

    OK, just felt the need to get on here again. I'll be back sooner to go into more detail.


    Thursday, May 12, 2005


    Please forgive me for taking so long updating this page.

    School is really taking a toll on me, but the end is in site.
    Soooo much has been going on in the family as well. Aside from the foster baby we've had since Thanks giving (99.9% item) we've had three different foster children (The family really took an emotional beating with them) and have only recently adopted another baby.

    First lets get to the adoption:
    Keagan James. Three weeks ago we adopted a 5 month old baby boy with Down Syndrome named Keagan James. We are considering changing his middle name, but aren't sure.
    After submitting applications of sorts, phone interviews, personal interviews, jumping through hoops, Etc...we were finally chosen as the family to take the beautiful little boy.
    He is wonderful. Has trouble with swallowing so is fed through a G-tube, but we know that is only temporary. The kids absolutely love him. In the state of Nebraska it takes 6 mos to finalize, so we have to wait until November to make it official. It's an open adoption so we have been developing a relationship with the birth mom and her family. Great family, but she is such a young, young woman that it is completely understandable why she would defer care.

    As far as our foster daughter. :(
    After a genetic test, we found out that the alleged father is infact 99.9%. [Side note: DNA tests take much longer than they lead you to believe on CSI] We are sad, but believe that birth dad is really a good choice for her to go to. Birth mom is trying to get back into the picture and of course the state is obligated to go through the motions with her, but they hint at the fact that they don't think she's going to be able to get her back. We are so glad that the birth parents are no longer together. Chaulk it up to a momentary lack of discretion when the birth father thought the birth mother was worth any attention. He knows better now.
    The social worker told the birth father that we would be interested in doing the day care for the baby when he gets custody of her. The social worker said that he was overjoyed that we would be willing to do so. He really appreciates how much we love her and are caring for her.
    The next court date isnt' until the end of June so we have her for a while.

    Did I mention we have a 15 passenger van?
    Regular mini-vans don't accomodate 5 child seats.
    It feels like we are driving an air craft carrier. It's a trip.

    I will be applying for Lincoln Fire at the end of May. They won't start their class until January so I'll have to get an interim (Sp?) job until then. Overland Park, KS Fire is hiring in January too and we have really put a lot of thought into going down there as well.
    In any event, we may have to litigate, because I have a condition called Neurofibromatosis that most government agencies, [city, state, and federal] who use a screening criteria called NFPA 1582 illiminate those with NF from thier job pool. I was iliminated from joining the military and the Omaha police department years ago, but since then I have obtained a copy of the NFPA 1582 and have found that it is not as sweeping as they had led me to believe. I'm confident that I can litigate to get on. I'm hoping that It won't get that far. I dont' think they are use to people being as prepared to do battle as we are.
    OK, better get ready for class.
    Thanks for understanding why I've been gone so long.
    Until later
    -Bug out.

    Sunday, February 27, 2005

    First Time-- Long Time

    Well, it sure has been quite a long time since I've last posted.
    I guess school has been kicking my fat brown butt more than I had realized.

    Friday was my first homicide.
    Not that I committed it, no-no, lets not be silly.
    We had a call for a man down, nature unknown.
    When we got there we were met by a police officer. Before we could enter the home, we were asked to wait until the area was secure. Oooooh....takes me back to EMT-B. "BSI-Scene Safe"
    Soon there were a multitude of law enforcement officers at the scene with guns drawn.
    When we finally were allowed to enter we found two shooting victims, a man and a woman, Code 4.
    :sniff: (Knowingly) Code 4 means Dead on the scene. Or as we professionals say when there are no civilians around, "DRT"-Dead Right There.
    Not the first time I've encountered a dead person, but certainly the first time I'd been at a murder scene.
    [insert serious voice] Unfortunately I can't go into any greater detail as an investigation is still pending.
    :giggle: That was neat to be able to say that and mean it.

    Wednesday, January 26, 2005

    Advanced Cardiac Life Support

    Wooo, hooo!
    Done with the cardiac block.
    Wow, that was long and hard.
    Many people in my class struggled big time.
    Unfortunately I finished with only an 88% average for the entire block.
    But I did Ace my ACLS certification test.
    Though, even if I finish Medic school at the bottom of my class (Which I most certainly won't) I'll still hold the same liscence as the one who finishes first in class.
    They guy who sits next to me (He alternates as 1st and 2nd in the class) also aced it.
    We both had to renew our BLS test the same day. My BLS expires next month, his does this month.
    We both struggled with the BLS test after flying throught the ACLS test. How crazy is THAT?
    Although I struggled, I only missed one. My buddy was one away from having to retake.
    Sometimes the most simple things give you the most difficulty.

    Sunday, January 23, 2005

    The State Game

    This is fun.
    A little domestic geography test.

    Friday, January 21, 2005


    Oh, my gosh, I'm tired..
    I'm a complete loser...
    Stayed awake until 3:30 watching the extended version of Lord Of The Rings Return Of The King.
    My oldest daughter got me up at 6:30. She didn't want to miss school because she was the official "Helper" today in her Kindergarten class. Oh, my...
    I need to go make coffee and then go pick her up from school.

    Thursday, January 20, 2005

    Saved Three Killed One (Today's Tests)

    Done with the tests for the week.
    Well, I saved three and killed one.
    Heck, if it were baseball I'd be batting 750. That's not too good for ACLS.
    I gave Dopamine to someone with puomonay edema secondary to CHF, BUT extremely Hypertensive and with a tachycardic atrial fib.
    Big no-no.
    I did everything perfectly prior too and directly following (Preceptor was impressed with how efficiently and medically properly I covered my "Anatomy").
    But Alas, I failed because I provided a harmful intervention.
    Luckily I got to retest and passed.
    Now, I get to take tonight off, going to take the kids to one of those mall play places, then start studying for the American Heart Associations portion of the written ACLS test.
    From what I understand though, we lost about 5 more classmates.
    That brings a grand total of 20 down 40 to go.

    I guess attrition gets pretty bad during trauma.

    Oh, the joys of anticipation.

    Tuesday, January 18, 2005

    Two Down, Four To Go

    OK, just finished with two written tests, and have 4 practical (ACLS) test go go on Thursday.
    I scored 88%, & 90% respectively. Even watched Lord of The Rings (Fellowship) last night instead of studying.
    Watched Return of The King today after class.
    Now, going to study like a freak tonight and tomorrow.
    I'm so nervous about my practical tests that I feel ill. sigh
    and these tests are only for the class grades. The actual certification tests for ACLS are next week.
    OK, now I'm feeling woozy. Can someone make the the room stop spinning...?

    Kids are coming back withing the next 30 mins or so.
    I can't wait to see them. Boy do I miss them!!!

    Monday, January 17, 2005


    What the heck? I am REALLY missing my family.
    I can barely concentrate on my studies. I have been cleaning all night.
    Vacumed the whole place, scrubed walls. Cleaned the ovens.
    Man, this whole experience, as short as it has been already makes me appreciate my family more.
    I hope I'm not a basket case by the time it's all said and done.

    Sunday, January 16, 2005


    Well, I'm all alone.
    My wife left yesterday.
    The Grandparents came and took the kids about 30 minutes ago.
    OK, sounds a bit dramatic. My wife left yesterday for Costa Rica. She went with about 10 other people to work with an organization who helps residents of slum clearence. I'm excited for her.
    I think she's going to have a great time. It's the first time she's been out of the country without me since we've been married. About 5 years ago she went to Colorado Springs for a conference on Women in 3rd world nations.
    The kids' godparents had them most of the day (allowing me time to study) and the grandparents just came and got them. They'll be with them until Tuesday night. Should give me a bit of time to study for my ACLS/Cardiac Unit test on Tuesday. I really should be studying now, but I just had to share. I about cried when my kids left. I'm going to miss them.
    My oldest daughter is really struggling. She wailed when we left the airport yesterday and was rather weepy when she got into the van with Grandma and Grandpa. Hopefully she'll be able to nap the hour and a half it takes to get to where they're going.
    I haven't been a bacehlor in 9 years. Too bad I have to study, eh?

    Sunday, January 09, 2005


    Of course most of us are aware of the world's most powerful earthquake in 40 years which triggered massive waves that crashed the shores of some dozen countries and leaving over 150,000 dead and even more without food, shelter or medical attention.
    The Omaha Rapid Response Team will be sending out theam Leaders Ken and Jonnie Smith to assess what needs can be met by our local team and then send for 7 other team members from Omaha, Nebraska. This team includes my 70 year old retired mother.
    The Omaha Rapid Response team responded to the 9/11 aftermath, Hurricanes and Earth Quakes and now the single most devestating disaster in recent history.
    Here is an article (With video Clip regarding my mom and the team going)
    Donations for this endeavor can be sent to:
    Rapid Response Team
    P.O. Box 642323
    Omaha, Nebraska 68154