Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Wooo, hooo!
Done with the cardiac block.
Wow, that was long and hard.
Many people in my class struggled big time.
Unfortunately I finished with only an 88% average for the entire block.
But I did Ace my ACLS certification test.
Though, even if I finish Medic school at the bottom of my class (Which I most certainly won't) I'll still hold the same liscence as the one who finishes first in class.
They guy who sits next to me (He alternates as 1st and 2nd in the class) also aced it.
We both had to renew our BLS test the same day. My BLS expires next month, his does this month.
We both struggled with the BLS test after flying throught the ACLS test. How crazy is THAT?
Although I struggled, I only missed one. My buddy was one away from having to retake.
Sometimes the most simple things give you the most difficulty.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The State Game

This is fun.
A little domestic geography test.

Friday, January 21, 2005


Oh, my gosh, I'm tired..
I'm a complete loser...
Stayed awake until 3:30 watching the extended version of Lord Of The Rings Return Of The King.
My oldest daughter got me up at 6:30. She didn't want to miss school because she was the official "Helper" today in her Kindergarten class. Oh, my...
I need to go make coffee and then go pick her up from school.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Saved Three Killed One (Today's Tests)

Done with the tests for the week.
Well, I saved three and killed one.
Heck, if it were baseball I'd be batting 750. That's not too good for ACLS.
I gave Dopamine to someone with puomonay edema secondary to CHF, BUT extremely Hypertensive and with a tachycardic atrial fib.
Big no-no.
I did everything perfectly prior too and directly following (Preceptor was impressed with how efficiently and medically properly I covered my "Anatomy").
But Alas, I failed because I provided a harmful intervention.
Luckily I got to retest and passed.
Now, I get to take tonight off, going to take the kids to one of those mall play places, then start studying for the American Heart Associations portion of the written ACLS test.
From what I understand though, we lost about 5 more classmates.
That brings a grand total of 20 down 40 to go.

I guess attrition gets pretty bad during trauma.

Oh, the joys of anticipation.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Two Down, Four To Go

OK, just finished with two written tests, and have 4 practical (ACLS) test go go on Thursday.
I scored 88%, & 90% respectively. Even watched Lord of The Rings (Fellowship) last night instead of studying.
Watched Return of The King today after class.
Now, going to study like a freak tonight and tomorrow.
I'm so nervous about my practical tests that I feel ill. sigh
and these tests are only for the class grades. The actual certification tests for ACLS are next week.
OK, now I'm feeling woozy. Can someone make the the room stop spinning...?

Kids are coming back withing the next 30 mins or so.
I can't wait to see them. Boy do I miss them!!!

Monday, January 17, 2005


What the heck? I am REALLY missing my family.
I can barely concentrate on my studies. I have been cleaning all night.
Vacumed the whole place, scrubed walls. Cleaned the ovens.
Man, this whole experience, as short as it has been already makes me appreciate my family more.
I hope I'm not a basket case by the time it's all said and done.

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Well, I'm all alone.
My wife left yesterday.
The Grandparents came and took the kids about 30 minutes ago.
OK, sounds a bit dramatic. My wife left yesterday for Costa Rica. She went with about 10 other people to work with an organization who helps residents of slum clearence. I'm excited for her.
I think she's going to have a great time. It's the first time she's been out of the country without me since we've been married. About 5 years ago she went to Colorado Springs for a conference on Women in 3rd world nations.
The kids' godparents had them most of the day (allowing me time to study) and the grandparents just came and got them. They'll be with them until Tuesday night. Should give me a bit of time to study for my ACLS/Cardiac Unit test on Tuesday. I really should be studying now, but I just had to share. I about cried when my kids left. I'm going to miss them.
My oldest daughter is really struggling. She wailed when we left the airport yesterday and was rather weepy when she got into the van with Grandma and Grandpa. Hopefully she'll be able to nap the hour and a half it takes to get to where they're going.
I haven't been a bacehlor in 9 years. Too bad I have to study, eh?

Sunday, January 09, 2005


Of course most of us are aware of the world's most powerful earthquake in 40 years which triggered massive waves that crashed the shores of some dozen countries and leaving over 150,000 dead and even more without food, shelter or medical attention.
The Omaha Rapid Response Team will be sending out theam Leaders Ken and Jonnie Smith to assess what needs can be met by our local team and then send for 7 other team members from Omaha, Nebraska. This team includes my 70 year old retired mother.
The Omaha Rapid Response team responded to the 9/11 aftermath, Hurricanes and Earth Quakes and now the single most devestating disaster in recent history.
Here is an article (With video Clip regarding my mom and the team going)
Donations for this endeavor can be sent to:
Rapid Response Team
P.O. Box 642323
Omaha, Nebraska 68154