Friday, March 31, 2006

Gimp With A Limp

The foot's feeling better but I limp from around the scenes and through the hospital corridors.
What a secure feeling when I'm lifting a patient or a stretcher...."No worries Ma'm, I've only dropped two patients today, I'm sure I won't drop your husband." :)
Man, I can't wait until I get my regular schedule. These alternating nights-days-evenings are killing me.
One more week and it'll all be stable again. (Am I moaning?)
Had a scene the other day where the injured parties were being less than ideal citizens of Tulsa leading up to their injuries. So, I had to call a detective the next day and will more than likely be called in to talk to him again....Hmmmmm....I wonder if this will be my first Subpoena?

[Note: I’m listening to a few songs from a buddy of mine’s new CD. You can hear a few of his songs on his Blog. Look down to the right of your screen on my links for more Sean Keith.]
Good Stuff. I need to buy a couple of CD’s and make sure Tulsa knows this dude.

OK, better get to putting my Futon together for the TV/Playroom.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I Broke My Toe In Mexico

I broke my toe in Mexico.
Well, I did, but THAT was nine years ago.
Last night I broke my toe in Oklahoma.
It just doesn't have the same ring to it as...I broke my toe in Mexico.
I broke my toe in Oklahoma.
Nope, I broke my toe in Mexico sounds much better.
"Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plaines" is the begining of the Oklahoma State song. So, I think maybe I broke my toe where the wind does blow...

So, I broke my toe last night.
Different toe than the Mexico Toe
Different foot at that.
We were getting the kids to bed, the Baby Gate wasn't on the top of the stairs like it should be and my crawler went straight for the true every day hero that I am...I dived for him and while flying through the air (hero's fly, you know) my foot didn't want to fly with thre rest of my and desperately tried to stop itself by wedging hard against the corner of the wall.
(Externally rotated)

I'm a gimp.
We'll see about faking my way through work and not limping despite the pain.
Heros work through pain, you know.

Monday, March 27, 2006

"I" "O", "I" "O", It's Through The Bone We Go...

Had an inservice today at work. (After working all night on only 90 mins of sleep)-----Bonus shift, but we'll go into that later.---

We had an inservice on a new Intraosseous decice. Called the EZ-IO™. It's a pretty cool little device.

What's an intraosseious device?

It's a device for drilling into the bone to start an IV when all other routes have failed and you have a critical patient in need of life saving fluids or drugs.
This new device is really, really cool.

What we have had to do in the past is take this HUGE needle, and jam it into the Tibia and twist, and push and twist and grind it into place.
More specifically, Tibia. In the Medial aspect (toward the middle) from the Tibial Tuberosity, on the flat anterior (front) aspect of the bone.
It was pretty brutal.

This is a nice, quick and neat procedure done with an high speed drill instead of brute force. Makes this cool, high-pitched whirrr, like the dentist office drill.
You don't really feel a lot of resistance as it burrs through the flesh and into the bone until you make your way into the Spongiform.

It's so easy that you need to be careful with really small children and infants because if you're not paying close enough attention, you can go right through the other side and into your hand. But, it's much less traumatic on the limb than the previous method.

The training Video had these Orthopedic docs drilling these into each other.
They were wide awake, with no analgesics (Pain Meds) on board.
These cats were laughing and smiling....I'm oh, so glad that we did not have that option, because I would have been obligated to be the first to volunteer and I would not have enjoyed it as much as the docs...shooot, I don't get paid a billionth of a percent of what they make in thier inservice to have that done to me.

Oh, and the Tibia Infusion is almost as quick as an IV infusion.

Man, what more can you ask for in a job?
Driving at high speeds with lights and sirens, blood...guts....smashed vehicles...and NOW using power tools on people.

Have I ever said that I love my job?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I Now Pronounce You...

Today I had my first official pronouncement.
The Patient's wife was there, Tulsa Fire Department was there, police showed up just a few minutes later.
The patient was obviously dead.
More than likely it was a heart attack.
Not to go into detail, because for those of you who are a bit squeamish, those specifics may be difficult, but it was quite apparent.
We try to rationalize in times of grief.
Although I'm quite certain she knew better...the wife asked if we could still revive him.
It had been too long. Hours too long.
I had "Declared" a patient dead during my student internship back in Omaha, but it wasn't official and that patient had been far too gone for help weeks ago.
I think I had mentioned something via bugblog a while ago.
This was the first time it counted.
The first time I'll more than likely have to be taken aside to have my report reviewed with me.
This was my first time trying to comfort a grieving family as they try to cope with understanding that their loved one was gone. That there was nothing I could do, nothing ANYONE could do to help their loved one.
Knew it was going to come sometime.
Just like you're never ready when a loved one dies.
You're never ready when YOU have to tell someone else that THIER loved one had died.
Today was the day.
Just like my first day with EMSA and how memorable that day was.
I'll always remember this one.
Wish it was a different first that I could add to the memory list.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Vehicle

Just Thought I'd post a pic of what I work in everyday.

Monday, March 20, 2006

First Week Down

Ok, so, the first week is down.
A lot of worrying over nothing, really.
It was good. Uneventful actually.
Well, that's not entirely accurate.
Last night of my shift. (That would have been Saturday)
I was with a fresh EMT-Fresh being a newbie like me right out of the Academy-
A new EMT and a New Medic...not a great combination, especially for navigation.
To make a long story short, we got lost on getting to a call.
In our defense it was downtown and even seasoned vets have difficulty down town and it was a very strange address. To make matters worse, my EMT got lost getting to the hospital.
Of course, I was in the back taking care of the patient, who luckily, was really not needing an ambulance anyway.
Dispatch contacted us about it, which of course, was broadcast to every unit on the street.
Not a good night for the ego.
My schedule really won't be the stable one that I bid on until the middle of April.
In the meantime I'm on a pretty erratic schedule. It's mostly the one I want, but some really early mornings and some over nights too. -sigh-
Digging the job still. Have'n lots of fun...nothing too exciting yet though, but that's good because I'm still feeling my way around.
Tomorrow will be my first overnight.
Will definitely be taking a thermos of coffee.
And my insulated Starbuck's mug.
And be taking a nap tomorrow afternoon before work.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


-Big Sigh-
Today is the first day I work without an FTO.
I meet my new partner and then off we go...
Man, am I nervous.
Almost sick.
Being the "One In Charge" and having everything fall on my shoulders...
I know one of the Majors said that he didn't eat for a week his first week out, so I guess this is natural.
I HOPE this is natural.
Ok, better get going.
My watch died yesterday and I need to stop at Sears on my way there to pick one up.
Will let you know what happens.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Phamily Photo

When my sister-inlaw was here from China, she had a bunch of photos taken of the entire family.Here is one of the immediate family that I thought was blog worthy  Posted by Picasa

Home Sweet Home

Friday we closed on the house.
Despite a week prior to closing, we did could not get the mortgage company to give us a definitive amount that we needed to bring to the table at closing. (Surprise)
You know they do that on purpose because they know they have you between a rock and a hard place and you have to come up with the amount they say.
It wasn't as much as it could have been...I forced them to give me a guess, and once at the table it was about $300 less, so we got a "refund" check.
Anyway, enough of the sour grapes...
Still living out of boxes and we need to go shopping for some furniture, but it's nice to finally be with the family. The kids are really excited about the house too.
My oldest started her new school today. She's so excited too. Nothing shy about that girl.
I prayed for her before she left for school and she asked me if she could tell her teacher about Jesus and if she could go to the principel's office and tell her about Jesus too, just in case they don't know Jesus. My, do we have a budding evangilist. Bless her little heart.
Oh, wow....
I finished my mandatory orientation rides last Weds.
No matter your experience level, all Paramedics & EMT's have to do eight orientation rides with an FTO (Field Training Officer). My FTO said that clinically, I was ready to clear in four rides, which surprised him because of my exprience level. I had to do ten rides just because of my maping skills of Tulsa. Heck, I expected more than that because I'm so new to town.
So, I finished last Weds and my new shift doesn't begin until THIS Weds.
That' six days off in a row right when we are getting settled into a new house. How awesome is the Lord with that?
My new shift is Weds-Thurs-Fri-Sat from noon to midnight. Great shift!
I have not met my EMT partner yet, but I hear she's a pretty good hand.
Man, I'm excited! Nervous as all get out though. Being the one in charge makes me sick to my stomach. I was talking to one of the education directors and he said he didn't eat for a week when he first started on the streets, so I guess that's normal.
Ok, my wife just said that we have some friends coming over to see the house so I assume I should shower.
will update later.

Friday, March 03, 2006

I Can See The Finish Line

See how excited I am?
One week from today we move into the new house!!!