Saturday, July 22, 2006

At Least He Was Camouflaged

Last night we picked up this very interesting kat.
Dude was butt nekked, heavily, I mean, totally, absolutely covered in cement mix powder and sitting smack dab on top of a fire hydrant, gyrating and wiggling back and forth like he was trying to get somewhere in a hurry.

When asked what he was doing dude said, "It's the only action I'm going to get tonight."

When told he couldn't be sitting out in public naked, he replied, "It's hot out, man....can't a guy just get nekked when it's hot out?"

When told that he couldn't He looked defeated, held up his arms and said, "I put on camouflage."

Kat provided some other really interesting nuggets like:

"Dogs, they like to wear thems some Jordans, but if you wantto get with the ladies you gots to wear the Shaqs."


" the bat cave."


"Feed me in my mouth....Feed med in my mouth!"


"9....9.999...0h...9....9...9999....big glass of ice water."

The police officers on scene were almost rolling on the ground they were laughing so hard.
I have to admit, it was all very amusing.

Dude prattled on in rapid fire fashion all the way to the hospital and in the ED too about a variety of subjects all with questionable voracity.
The hospital staff also got a pretty good kick out of it.

I'm only a Paramedic, but I would venture to guess the guy needs a little psychological assistance.

Hey, but At Least He Was Camouflaged.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Our church is hosting The New Wineskins Convocation.
New Wineskins is an organization made up of Presbyterian pastors and leadership who are wanting to stand for righteousness within the Biblical break of the Greater Presbyterian church.
The Greater Presbyterian Church is really turning its back on Jesus and the foundations of Christianity.
I'm quite proud of the position our pastors have placed themselves in which leaves them vulnerable to the backlash the Greater Presbytery. Humble men of God. I'm blessed to be of thier congregants.Michael Card

I went to the opening service of the Convocation and was absolutey floored by coming face to face with Michael Card. I learned that Micheal Card would be leading worship throughout the Convocation and would be doing some leading.
Dude is a legend! Powerful music!
I'll tell you what, I was not disappointed. Man, he is humble too. I don't think anyone told him who he is. Dude, do you have any idea who you are?! You're MICHAEL CARD!
It was quite awesome. The whole deal, I mean. I'm pretty sad that I have to work throughout The rest of it.
God is going to be doing some big things. Dont' know exactly what it will look like, but the "Church" will not be the same and the world is watching.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The first full week on nights is done.
It will take some getting used to.
I had done it before, but not with four kids.
Sleeping during the day with four kids just being themselves is difficult even with ear plugs.
So, I'm tired most of the night.
Thank the Lord for QT and the slew of energy drinks they have there.
For those of you who have not exprienced the joys of a
  • Quick Trip
  • , pray and pettition that they come to you area. They are a convenience store based here in Oklahoma and definitely break the mold of what you expect in a convenience store. You will never go back to anywhere else.
    Seriously. They rock. We had them in Omaha, little did I know they were more numerous than Starbuck's in NYC, down here.
    My first partner left me for another man. :(

    Here I am with my first fulltime partner.
    Yes, the one who left me.

    Well, she's an EMT and in Paramedic school. They guys she is partnered with now has the nickname Yoda because he is the Paramedic master.
    Really, they guy would walk on water if the job required it, so I really don't blame her.
    I have a new partner now who is pretty green, but is a frig'n hard worker.
    Great guy. Makes the lousy shift much more easy to bare.
    Call me shallow.....waiting........(You're shallow)...but I'm super stressed about missing football season working Saturday and Sunday nights and not being able to see any of the games.
    I think my new partner and I will try to renegotiate soon.
  • They're Coming!!

    I'm excited for this upcoming football season.
    Especially the game against USC.
    Dang, If my schedule stays the same I will be sleeping through EVERY football game!

    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    I have recently been enjoying the befefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.
    Been drinking a table sppon of Apple Cider Vinegar with an equal amount of honey mixed into 8oz of H2O.
    Drinking one of these delicious, nutritious, refreshing glasess before every meal.
    I initialy heard that it helps reduce cholesterol. Then I heard that it's good for GERD of all things.
    The more I looked into this Apple Cider Vinegar thing, the more benefits I learned that it has.
    Mmmmm, tasty goodness.
    It actually, has been helping my heartburn for which I'd previously been takint The Little Purple Pill for the last 8 years.
    We'll see on my next check up what it does for my6 cholesterol.
    The unfiltered type like Braggs tastes much better than the cheaper filtered stuff.
    But, of course it's more expensive.
    I have Apple Cider Vinegar pills that I take while at work. Not sure if it helps so much as the "Cocktail" that I mix, but we'll see.
    Why am I writting about this?
    'Cuz I haven't had too much exciting going on and had to write something.
    Oh, Miss America Moved in across the street.
    Just this last weekend.