Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Strange Place

Tulsa is a strange place.
I've been to several churches for worship and left speechless by the placid nature of worship.
Every experience I've had here (I've only been in four different denominational worship settings) the people would rather sit and listen, rather than enter in to the full presence of the Lord.
Maybe I'm being too judgemental, maybe they are worshiping fully planted in their seats.
You find a few people who are willing to break the norm and stand and lift their hands, but it's a rare few of us who do.
  • Aaron Shust

  • last night. Dude is awesome. I like his CD, but he's way better in person. Seemed very humble. His trio made it appearant that they were not there to entertain, but to glorify the Lord. Was disappointed at how people wanted to just sit there. It seemed that there were some youth groups who really wanted to let lose, but the adults were a bunch of bumps on logs.
    The Kat couldn't have painted it any more plainly that he was there for Jesus' glory, but the peopel were even screaming for an encore...not appropriate people....not that kind of "concert".

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