Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I have never met anyone who likes cockroaches.
Not only do I NOT like them but they absolutely freak me out!

Whanna know what’s even freakier?

Do you?


Do you?

C’mon... answer me...


I’ll just tell you.

We’ve all been to calls where there are cockroaches crawling all over a medical scene.

Going to a scene where you’re trying to gather history from a patient and there are hundreds of little crawlers on the floors and walls...and...on the garbage strewn about...and even on patient’s themselves.

Kind of distracting.

I’ve worked codes where everyone is trying to stand strategically so that passengers don’t hitch rides up your pant legs.

We have a guy in town that lives in one of the most roach infested domiciles that I’ve ever seen. This guy is always in his birthday suit ever time we arrive too which leads us to affectionately dub him “Naked Guy”.

We respond to “Naked Guy” at least once a week with a blood glucose level that plummets into the 20’s or teen’s.

His apartment neighbors have become attuned to the sound of him moaning and thrashing about when he’s in this state.

Each time his neighbors save his life by calling.

We all know this guy and know to take the bare minimum up to the apartment so that we don’t inadvertently carry out stowaways.

It’s just unnerving to try to start an IV and have crawlers skitter across the arm you’re trying to canulate.

I hate roaches.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Fonts

I’m playing around with fonts and thought I’d try this new one I downloaded.

I think It’s pretty cool.

Well, I actually downloaded five of them and am really enjoying them

They kind of look similar don’t they?

Well, maybe not.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Face Of A Spoiled Dog

The Face Of A Spoiled Dog


I'm feeling my age.
I used to be able to flip-flop from nights to days and such w/o problems.
Now, I'm tired all the time.
My hair is turning gray by the day because of it all.
I've always admired the salt and pepper look and have coveted the dashing all silver haired dudes, but man, I'm only 38. I'm too young for that yet.
Will not do the hair dye though.
I don't really respect guys who dye their hair to cover gray.


Kids are in school.
They love it.
Do you remember the days when you dreaded the looooong weekend because you wouldn't get to see your teacher or friends for two whole days?
Well, that's my kids now.
I mean, I like school.
I want to go back part time and continue with my never-ending quest for becoming as educated as possible, but I like my weekends.
I like sleeping on those days, really.
(See Flip-Flop reference)


I'm still amazed by the fact that I live in Tulsa.
I drive home on the "B.A." or Hwy 51 and think, Wow; I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma....
This is home, don't get me wrong, I feel like we belong here, it Some times just feels surreal.
Aside from wishing I could see my mom more and not getting as much Husker info that I so covet, I really don't miss Omaha so much.
I really have no idea when the next time I'll go up.
I know the family is going up next month, but I have no plans of returning anytime soon.
Christmas, maybe?
I would love to have an opportunity for some good pizza.
It all sucks down here.
Need some Don Carmelo's, Valentino's or Godfather's.
And the BBQ.
It's "ok", nothing to write home about, but It's passable...
They do BBQ Bologna!
You go to a BBQ joint and they have BBQ bologna on the menu.
I ask, "What do you mean by bologna?"
They're like..."It's bologna. You like bologna don't you? If you like bologna, you'll like this."
I was aghast and said, "Bologna, you mean like the cheap lunch meat you get in the lunch meat section."
Incredulously, the reply has been, "It's SMOKED"
Oh, thaaaat makes a difference.
It's feak'n Ghetto LUNCH MEAT for crying out loud!
Holy Cow!
If I want BBQ bologna I'll by some in the store for ninety-nine cents and squirt K.C. Masterpiece on it!
And these people are serious about their BBQ bologna too.
Every one of these Okie's are nuts about it.
What the heck?
(Bug shakes his head)

Am I ranting?

Well, I must admit that as far as cuisine here they have good...um...good...can't really think of anything good to eat down here.
Taco Bell
Yeah, they have Taco Bell down here...a few any way...they are into Taco Tasteless..er Taco Bueno.
Not good either.
Back Yard Burgers is good.
Um, that's about it.
My taste buds are feeling anemic just thinking about native Tulsa food...
I need to go suck on a bottle of Frank's Hot sauce.