Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Triglycerides-The Update

Well, some month past I posted my high triglyceride count. It was 236, with a cholesterol of 203.
9 mos later, after moderating my diet, running (training for the fire test) and losing 35 lbs, my triglycerides now sit at a comfortable level of 155, with a total cholesterol of 185.
Bug is very happy with those numbers, however;........Bug's hemaglobin and iron levels are very low. Hgb of 12.6 g/dL, ferritin of 10ng/mL and iron of 40ug/dL including a total iron sat of 10%.
So, to determin where that is coming from, since I have no blood in my stool. (Sorry to get so personal) they did personal thing and I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy all in one day. Boy, what a thrill. The prep part was really the worst of it because they knocked me out, but (no pun intended) I won't go into the prep.
Well, the scoping was negative, except for the discovery of a hiatal hernia, they did some more tests including a celiac panel, also negative.
Now, it's wait to see what the doctor thinks.
All that said, I"m very pround of getting my cholesterol and triglycerides down. :)

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