Monday, May 29, 2006

Who's Who?

Here I am with Chief. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE involved in EMS in some capacity, whether it be at EMSA, among Fire Fighters or even in many of the hospital Emergency Departments think I look like our Chief. People do double takes. I think they're all smoking crack down here in Tulsa, be the judge. Posted by Picasa

In My Uniform

Here I am in my uniform. No steth, or Radio on my shoulder like I do while on duty. What a mug, eh? Posted by Picasa

Only In Oklahoma

Saturday night
I'm getting off of work late.
It's about 1:30 AM, maybe a little later,
The streets are busy, but hey, it's Saturday night...
McDonald's drive-through line is long---"post bar munchies", maybe.
Low, and behold, just tooling down the side walk
An old guy, maybe in his late 70's early 80's...
Wearing a suit...and one of those old man hats they wear with suits...
cruising down the side walk on a riding lawn mower...
Only in Oklahoma...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Never Satisfied

Maybe I'm never satisfied, but I need to keep learning.
Next week, I'm taking an ACLS instructors course. Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
Would love to start teaching in the Academy or any where else, for that matter.
Also, today I got information for completing my R.N. via correspondence.
I have a ton of credits already, so It make it much quicker, but It's more in the vein of a Paramedic to R.N. It's an at your own pace kind of thing, so it won't be interrupting the family and work so much. I'm excited about it.
If I could stay full time with EMSA as a Paramedic and enjoy the benifits they have, then work as an agency Nurse 3-4 times a month...well, let's just say I would probably make more as a Nurse part time as a full time Paramedic.
Nice, eh?
Plus, I still want to get on Life Flight or any other flight medic service.
Need to evaluate the cost of the school though. Not too bad in context, but sometimes context doesn't meet budget.

Monday, May 08, 2006


The only thing you can expect in the world of EMS is the unexpected.
Not only does that apply to call to call, but for me, it applies to whom my daily partner is going to be.
My regular partner has been hurt the past two weeks.
For the next couple of weeks or so (However long it takes for her to get healed)
I have been having a different partner every single day.
It's like having Sibil for a partner.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Excuse Me Sir, Does Your Dog Bite?

-Excuse me Sir, does your dog bite?
=No, my dog doesn't bite.
-Yeow! Hey, I thought you said your dog didn't bite!
=He doesn't, that's not my dog.

Oldie, but a goodie.
Speaking of dogs...
Just bought the family a Boston Terrier. (Named her Maggie)
Got her from a pet store in Owasso, OK that also does animal rescue.
Maggie is a pure breed, but the whole litter had mange and the breeder was going to destroy them.
The pet store took them and treated them and sold them.
She just got fixed this week and is still flakey and crusty and is shedding like there is no tomorrow. She's so pathetic she's cute.
The kids are quite excited about her. Actually, LaDeeBug is much more excited, I think.
Will post a pic of her when we get some.
OK, I better go cook some Calzones. We have some friends from Omaha staying with us and I think they expect to be fed.