Monday, October 25, 2004


I studies all weekend long. The most effort I've put into a test and all I have to show for it is an 86%. What the heck is THAT???
Shows that you can over-study. Reviewing the test today I found that I made dumb, dumb mistakes.
Did I mention that our next door neighbor seemed to have his alarm clock amplified out his window this morning? 03:30 this morning the alarm goes of and continues on uninterrupted until 06:30. It was too stuffy in the house to close our windows so I laid there trying to get back to sleep for three hours. That didn't help my make sound choices on the test. Ok, wah, wah, wah...Let's all listen to Bug snivel.
I have the practical exam this Thursday. I'm pretty sound in that area. At this time we aren't being graded on field diagnosis just being evaluated on following protocols. Not too dificult there.
I and my main study partner are the only ones who volunteered to perform health screenings for the Student Health Clinics this Wednesday.
It's good to brown nose. :D He (Eric) is a good Bush backer too.
Ok, time to give the kids a bath. Mom is at a PTA meeting and I've been down here neglecting the chil'ns updating my very popular BugBlog.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Heart Burn Sucks

I hate heart burn.
It sucks big time. I have it constantly. I was doing the Prilosec thing, but for some reason they stopped making it because of some insurance issue regading Nexium and reimbursments and Prilosec being so similar...
OK, Insurance companies suck worse than heart burn.
I'm scarfing down Tums/Rolaids and Alkaselzer like there's no tomorrow. Gotta watch it though. Don't want to throw of my ph balance of my blood. That would really suck.
It used to be about every 4-6 weeks I'd get this excrusiating pain in the stomach that would last about 24-48 hours. NOTHING I did would make it go away, then as fast as it started, it'd go away. I'm certain that it's a gallbladder thing. I had it looked at, but they say no. I even get that refered pain directly dorsal to my stomach/gallbladder area that's indicative of a gallbladder flare up. Now that I have insurance again, I'm going to get back on Prilosec until I can get my gallbladder worked on.
Thing is, I'm pretty ...oh so pretty...I'm so pretty and...[clears voice] I'm pretty noncompliant. I drink caffine and refuse to give up spicy food so I put this on myslefe sometimes...But even when I eat or drink the most benign foods, I have stomach issues. (pity party-pity party)
All that to say... I'm going to Champs tonight to eat hot wings and watch football with a buddy from out of town.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I Have Crabs.

I think I failed to mention a big part of my life.
I have Crabs.
Six to be exact. We got three Hermit Crabs last December then my wife got me three for Valentines day. Wow, my wife gave me crabs on Valentines day. That just sounds gross.
Their names are: Yellow Guy, Sam, Gary, Ophelia, Mortermer and Little Guy. They really are a trip. Fun to watch. Did you know that crabs chirp and squeek and make odd noises? It's kind of funny. Normally they bury themselves and then sing away. A couple of days ago I think I surprised Gary when he was coming out of his CoCoNutHut. He made this high pitched squeel like I've never heard before and retreated back into his home. Funny.
I put half of a Wheat Thin in the tank yesterday and my crabs went wild. There were three of them chewing on it with two three more waiting their turns for a while then pushed them selves in... The two bigger crabs started a tug of war over the piece. I mean literally backward and forward...It was a trip to watch!! I finally broke two others in half so all six of them could have thier own piece. They munched and munched all evening. It was wild hearing so much munching go on. It's not like I don't feed them. I give them the amino enriched dried flies, the crabby pellets, carrots and grapes each week, but I've NEVER seen them go so crazy over anything

Monday, October 18, 2004

Maybe I'm a Jerk

Maybe I'm a jerk, but I'm hiding here in the basement from my wife's guests. She has a friend visiting from out of town with her two daughters.
I just don't like her. (The friend, that is) She's so very "small" town. I can't get into that kind of mind set. The jerk comes from the aspect that I'm prejudice myself. The gal is literally 300 lbs over weight. Heck, I'm over weight. I need to lose about 20 lbs, but over 300???
She cheated on her first husband and is surprised that her second husband (The one she cheated on the first husband with) left her for another woman. anyone surprised when stuff like this happens. These people have been here all morning and just won't go away. The chick jokes, "Tee, hee...we moved in and took over...tee hee."
Grrrr! Not to mention she drives a PT cruiser. I already have negative attitude about people who drive those Lemming Mobiles anyway. This is all just snowballing my bad attitude I have about her. Sigh...

I need to go some where and watch MNF tonight. My struggling Buccaneers are playing the hated Rams tonight. Boo, Rams!
That will make me happy. Football, 2-3 Guinness and some hot wings.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

How Did I Miss It?

How the heck did I miss the final presidential debate???
I was so excited for it and I totally forgot to watch it.
I am so ashamed. Not that it would change who I'm going to vote for.
Maybe now that the final debate is over we can stop hearing about these so called, "undecided" voters. With the marked differences between these two candidates how can anyone be undecided?
Anyone who claims to be undecided is either absolutely lying because they are afraid of what kind of confrontation they may encounter or just trying to get attention.
I need to get this movie

Nebraska plays Baylor today. I think I've recovered from the trouncing we took against Texas Tech. I'm confident my Huskers will bounce back.
We need to be patient with coach Callahan. I'm certain that good things come to those who wait. I'm looking forward to Callahan lifting up that Waterford Crystal Football many times!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Should Be

Ok, I really should be studying. My oldest is in school, my wife and other two kids are sleeping, but instead I'm playing with my new Blog toy.
I'm waiting for an epiphany to hit me so I can fill my Blog with endless profundities. Alas, nothing. My brain remains stagnant. :D

First Attempt

Well, this is my first attempt at doing the "Blog" thing.
They say it's the hip thing to do...I think I'm feeling increasingly hipper with each key stroke.
Most blogs have thier themes, and I'm not certain which direction this one will take but I'm sure I'll find my nitch.