Monday, November 27, 2006

Ever Been Pulled Over By An Ambulance?

Ever Been Pulled Over By An Ambulance?

The other morning at 0500 we get a call for a "Man down" in a vehicle.
This call is way, way out in the boonies, almost out of our coverage area.

We roll up and these to cats are zonked, dead to the world.
My partner and I start banging on the windows on both sides.

They wake up, roll down the windows and tell us they were tired and just needed a nap.
We smell no alcohol on or about their persons (Though we couldn't tell if their eyes were red from just being awakened or being baked out of their goreds) and we are, after all, only Paramedics so we can't detain them....they drive off....

We are heading the same way anyway so we followed behind them, though if they headed the other direction we more than likely wood have followed them that way too.

No sooner do they get out onto the highway, but they start weaving back and forth into both lanes AND shoulder.

We follow them for a couple of miles and decide that they are either going to kill themselves or someone else. We like running on good traumas like most Medics, but we would rather prevent them from happening in the first place.
So we decide to pull them over.

We flash the lights and I get on the PA,

"Pull over....Place your vehicle in park...turn the ignition off...take your keys out of the ignition...keep your hands where I can see them..."

My partner and I walk up on each side with our flashlights shining at them.
We start lecturing them until police arrive. They start making excuses that they were so tired, blah, blah, blah...(Hmmm...they were baked)

Cops responded rather quickly and were rolling with laughter when they showed up.
They patted us on the back and gave us Kudos for our first traffic stop.

Can you imagine....How embarrassing...

"Dude, we got stopped by an ambulance. We gotta swear we tell NO ONE."

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Israel said...

Dude that's funny. I 'm surprise you didn't talk them through getting out of the vehicle, then like handcuffing them with guage or something.