Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Lord Taketh And The Lord Giveth

The Lord Giveth

It was a long time coming but the day finally happened.
Oct 21st the adoptions were finalized!
Woo, hoo!
For those of you who missed it we have been in the process of trying to adopt my great niece and nephew.
Moriah and Asher were my niece’s kids.
Long story short.
It’s been a long, hair pulling frustrating process, but we now an official family of 8.
Every one of the kids are Ecstatic.
Deanana and I are happy to get the weight off the shoulders and be a family.
Thank you Jesus.

The Lord Taketh

Yesterday I had my gallbladder out.
I’ve been having increasingly worse and increasingly more frequent epigastic pain since 2002.
It was one thing when I only had to grit my teeth and bare through 24 h ours of pain every 6-8 weeks. When it became once and twice a week… No, not going to do it.
Three years ago in Omaha they ran every test under the sun and found nothing.
Since moving to Tulsa it’s when it’s gotten worse. (maybe it’s Tulsa)
I had a doctor down here who only wanted to have me take Prilosec even though I told him that after 6 years of trial that PPI and Histamine-2 blockers and such didn’t work. He insisted that they would.
I changed doctors. And voila, after a series of tests they found a diseased gallbladder.
Six scars across my torso will be worth the elimination of the agony.So, now I have two weeks off of work (I’m going stir crazy the day after surgery so let’s see how that goes)


Bethany said...

First, hearty congratulations on the additions to your family! You and your wife are two of the most wonderful, special people I've ever come across. The only way I know you're human and not angels is that strange affinity for the Cornhuskers!

Second, wow. I don't know how you lived with gallbladder pain for that long! Blech! I'm glad it's better and hope you enjoy your two weeks off. Did they do it arthroscopically? I probably did not spell that right, but was curious since you mentioned scarring.

Wendy (Mrs Lice) said...

I want to congratulate you and your wife on the newest family members. That's such awesome news and I'm certain they'll know and feel both of your generous love.

I hope you're feeling better now! Happy, happy New Year to you all!