Sunday, December 19, 2004

Foster Care Is Hard On The Heart

Foster care is hard on the heart.
Man, this little girl we have is absolutely beautiful.
Thick, curly, black hair. Great dimples. She's a peaceful baby too.
My kids absolutely love her and so does Mrs Bug and I.

The Birth Mom (BM) gets supervised visits 4 x a week. Three hours at a time. We dread that time. My kids get really upset when the visitation service comes for the baby.

The BM is one class piece of work. I kind of feel sorry for her in a way, but we all make our own choices, you know? The visitation service people say that she is just an angry, angry woman. Not friendly to them at all.
The woman doesn't seem to be well educated at all. You can tell by the content and tone of her writting in the communication log we pass back and forth. She has had other children by a different father taken from her already.

Although we don't want the BM to ruin her life further (you really want her to come around) we just pray that if she does decide to go back to her own ways that she does so before she gets the baby back. Her 1st court date isn't for a while, but for some reason the BM thinks she's going to be getting the baby back sooner. This is our first time doing this so I hope it's not that we don't understand the process and that the BM is just delusional.

The prospect of losing her is already painful. We went and fell in love with this child. Oh, man that sucks! We can't imagine her going back with her BM, but that's the ultimate goal of foster care, you know?

Funny, we really wanted to adopt another boy, but then we get this beautiful girl and want to keep her.

God has a sense of humor doesn't He?

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