Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Today I finished up my required intubatin attempts.
I got my first three on my birthday last week. It's a lot different than the practice dummies, I'll tell you. Things flop around much more on a real person.
Yesterday I was studying with a classmate. He had just returned from the OR whre he got all five of his attempts in one day. (unusual) He had a time reserved this morning and since he had gotten all of his, he gave me his open slot.
I got there at 06:30 and got them right away. Very nice.
It's good to get the required ones done with in a controlled setting, where I have all the time in the world and not when pressed in the field on a dying patient.
Now everything I get in the filed will be cream.
It's so nice to have a break from class time so that I can actually have time to hit the books before my ACLS test the day we get back.

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