Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's Final!

The adoption is now final
We went to court Thursday and finalized it all.
We had a 3:30 appointment and they called at 1:30 and said you have to make it at 2:30 or we will push it out two weeks.
We scurried to have it all done.
Not as many people showed up to the court, obviously, but we got it completed and my baby boy is now mine.
The judge was really cool. Just chatted, and asked questions and goofed around. Our lawyer was agape, he'd never seen a judge have that much fun, even during an adoption which they tend to really like.
LaDeeBug felt like calling up the birth family and taunting them, but I told her that would not be a good idea.
She relented.
Scurry, scurry, scurry.
I leave tomorrow.
I'm taking my eldest to the Chronicals Of Narnia today. Then Church.
We have infant dedication tomorrow then I leave directly after.
Holy crow, this has come so fast.

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Jona said...

Congratulations on the adoption :o) And if your profile includes your new son, we now have the same number and ratio of children! Good luck to us both ;o)