Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cancer Sucks!

Allow me to share what's been going on with my family the last few months.
My sister (45) was told that she has two kinds of cancer.
She has been weak and anemic for years and her doctor had poo-poo'd it as her being a hypochondriac.
Many in my family have an autosomal neurological disorder which generates benign tumors randomly about the body so malignant tumors have a risk of being overlooked.
They thought some of her growths were these.
Not so much.
After finding a different doctor they found several tumors in her body.
On her heart, aorta, intestines...
One type mildly aggressive one Extremely aggressive.
The really aggressive one attacks the nervous system so can Mets rapidly.
Normally, they would address both types with treatment.
My sister is maybe 5 foot 100 pounds soaking wet with a pocket full of rocks, so they said attacking any of it too forcefully would kill her. -Great-
On top of that, her daughter (my niece) is a crack/meth/coke...addict and had her two kids removed from her.
My sister, is the fostering them...the state of Nebraska is reviewing whether or not my sister can care for them.
My sister is so weak now from chemo and radiation that she is crawling around the house.
Deanna and I have been trying for years to persuade the family to allow us to take the kids.
I mean as soon as she got pregnant with them we tried.
Now, they are like, "Hmm, maybe we should explore the option."
Ya think?!?!
We live in Oklahoma now so it complicates things quite a bit.
Cancer Sucks! (See link to the Right)

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