Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The More The Merrier

Well, they finally began the termination process on my niece.
Don't really know how long it will take.
I don't foresee the likelihood of my niece and her loser boyfriend contesting it because they really don't show up for any mandated court appointments anyway, so that's good.
The State of Nebraska has decided that my wife and I would be the best choice for adoptive parents.
That means six kids!
Will prolly have to by a bigger van to tote them in.
Anyone want to donate to the adoptive child transportation fund? ;)
We are actually quite excited about it.
Our kids are elated and can't stop talking about it.
My great niece and nephew have been told about it and that we would be Mommy and Daddy and they are actually excited about it.
While we are looking forward to their arrivals, all of it is sad in the fact that my niece is a drug addict and my sister is dieing of cancer.

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Douglas Leslie said...

WOW!! it goes without saying we are thinking about you guys these days....and praying!!