Thursday, February 23, 2006

Can I Say It Again? I Love This Job!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, what a great start to my new job.
On my first day, right out of the gate I had a cardiac mega code.
For those of you who don't know what that is a cardiac mega code is what you see on TV, where you stick a breathing tube in and push IV drugs and do all the shocking and external pacing and it's fast and furious and you race down the street lights and sirens going....AWESOME!

Third call-first day....Man vs. Train.

Legs on the outside of the tracks...
Man on the inside of the tracks...
Pieces of meat every where...
Was bearly breathing when we first got to him, but after a few ventilations he was talking to us.
Knew he was hit by a train too. AMAZING!!!
Second day I had some great rollover accidents...and a guy who was shot in the face and leg.
Man, we run and run all day long. We barely have time to get out of the E.R. when we are on another call.
Can I Say It Again? I Love This Job!!!!!!!!!!

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