Wednesday, February 08, 2006

House Hunting

Oh, my.
Hunting for a house sucks.
We are kind of limited too.
I HAVE to be in the Tulsa city limits because of a contract agreement, but I want to have Jenk's or Union school districts here in Tulsa. (Tulsa Schools are some of the worst in the nation)
I have been outbid on 4 houses.
Heck the last one was listed at $107K, I bid $125K and it sold for $135K. What kind of a deal is THAT????
At least the family isn't moving down until March 8th.
I have a bit more time to find one.

Finished the driving course yesterday. That was fun, zipping around the course in an ambulance going lights and sirens.

Now comes the map portion of the academy. Can you say confusing? Man, Tulsa is way screwed up with the way everything is named. At least I'll be the ranking one in the ambulance and I'll let the other guy/gal drive while I sit and get to know the city better.

I think I have a good chance of being the top of my class so I can make the bid for the shift I want. That will rock if it happens.

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