Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The first full week on nights is done.
It will take some getting used to.
I had done it before, but not with four kids.
Sleeping during the day with four kids just being themselves is difficult even with ear plugs.
So, I'm tired most of the night.
Thank the Lord for QT and the slew of energy drinks they have there.
For those of you who have not exprienced the joys of a
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  • , pray and pettition that they come to you area. They are a convenience store based here in Oklahoma and definitely break the mold of what you expect in a convenience store. You will never go back to anywhere else.
    Seriously. They rock. We had them in Omaha, little did I know they were more numerous than Starbuck's in NYC, down here.
    My first partner left me for another man. :(

    Here I am with my first fulltime partner.
    Yes, the one who left me.

    Well, she's an EMT and in Paramedic school. They guys she is partnered with now has the nickname Yoda because he is the Paramedic master.
    Really, they guy would walk on water if the job required it, so I really don't blame her.
    I have a new partner now who is pretty green, but is a frig'n hard worker.
    Great guy. Makes the lousy shift much more easy to bare.
    Call me shallow.....waiting........(You're shallow)...but I'm super stressed about missing football season working Saturday and Sunday nights and not being able to see any of the games.
    I think my new partner and I will try to renegotiate soon.
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