Sunday, January 09, 2005


Of course most of us are aware of the world's most powerful earthquake in 40 years which triggered massive waves that crashed the shores of some dozen countries and leaving over 150,000 dead and even more without food, shelter or medical attention.
The Omaha Rapid Response Team will be sending out theam Leaders Ken and Jonnie Smith to assess what needs can be met by our local team and then send for 7 other team members from Omaha, Nebraska. This team includes my 70 year old retired mother.
The Omaha Rapid Response team responded to the 9/11 aftermath, Hurricanes and Earth Quakes and now the single most devestating disaster in recent history.
Here is an article (With video Clip regarding my mom and the team going)
Donations for this endeavor can be sent to:
Rapid Response Team
P.O. Box 642323
Omaha, Nebraska 68154

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