Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Wooo, hooo!
Done with the cardiac block.
Wow, that was long and hard.
Many people in my class struggled big time.
Unfortunately I finished with only an 88% average for the entire block.
But I did Ace my ACLS certification test.
Though, even if I finish Medic school at the bottom of my class (Which I most certainly won't) I'll still hold the same liscence as the one who finishes first in class.
They guy who sits next to me (He alternates as 1st and 2nd in the class) also aced it.
We both had to renew our BLS test the same day. My BLS expires next month, his does this month.
We both struggled with the BLS test after flying throught the ACLS test. How crazy is THAT?
Although I struggled, I only missed one. My buddy was one away from having to retake.
Sometimes the most simple things give you the most difficulty.

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