Monday, March 20, 2006

First Week Down

Ok, so, the first week is down.
A lot of worrying over nothing, really.
It was good. Uneventful actually.
Well, that's not entirely accurate.
Last night of my shift. (That would have been Saturday)
I was with a fresh EMT-Fresh being a newbie like me right out of the Academy-
A new EMT and a New Medic...not a great combination, especially for navigation.
To make a long story short, we got lost on getting to a call.
In our defense it was downtown and even seasoned vets have difficulty down town and it was a very strange address. To make matters worse, my EMT got lost getting to the hospital.
Of course, I was in the back taking care of the patient, who luckily, was really not needing an ambulance anyway.
Dispatch contacted us about it, which of course, was broadcast to every unit on the street.
Not a good night for the ego.
My schedule really won't be the stable one that I bid on until the middle of April.
In the meantime I'm on a pretty erratic schedule. It's mostly the one I want, but some really early mornings and some over nights too. -sigh-
Digging the job still. Have'n lots of fun...nothing too exciting yet though, but that's good because I'm still feeling my way around.
Tomorrow will be my first overnight.
Will definitely be taking a thermos of coffee.
And my insulated Starbuck's mug.
And be taking a nap tomorrow afternoon before work.

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