Friday, March 31, 2006

Gimp With A Limp

The foot's feeling better but I limp from around the scenes and through the hospital corridors.
What a secure feeling when I'm lifting a patient or a stretcher...."No worries Ma'm, I've only dropped two patients today, I'm sure I won't drop your husband." :)
Man, I can't wait until I get my regular schedule. These alternating nights-days-evenings are killing me.
One more week and it'll all be stable again. (Am I moaning?)
Had a scene the other day where the injured parties were being less than ideal citizens of Tulsa leading up to their injuries. So, I had to call a detective the next day and will more than likely be called in to talk to him again....Hmmmmm....I wonder if this will be my first Subpoena?

[Note: I’m listening to a few songs from a buddy of mine’s new CD. You can hear a few of his songs on his Blog. Look down to the right of your screen on my links for more Sean Keith.]
Good Stuff. I need to buy a couple of CD’s and make sure Tulsa knows this dude.

OK, better get to putting my Futon together for the TV/Playroom.

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