Monday, March 13, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Friday we closed on the house.
Despite a week prior to closing, we did could not get the mortgage company to give us a definitive amount that we needed to bring to the table at closing. (Surprise)
You know they do that on purpose because they know they have you between a rock and a hard place and you have to come up with the amount they say.
It wasn't as much as it could have been...I forced them to give me a guess, and once at the table it was about $300 less, so we got a "refund" check.
Anyway, enough of the sour grapes...
Still living out of boxes and we need to go shopping for some furniture, but it's nice to finally be with the family. The kids are really excited about the house too.
My oldest started her new school today. She's so excited too. Nothing shy about that girl.
I prayed for her before she left for school and she asked me if she could tell her teacher about Jesus and if she could go to the principel's office and tell her about Jesus too, just in case they don't know Jesus. My, do we have a budding evangilist. Bless her little heart.
Oh, wow....
I finished my mandatory orientation rides last Weds.
No matter your experience level, all Paramedics & EMT's have to do eight orientation rides with an FTO (Field Training Officer). My FTO said that clinically, I was ready to clear in four rides, which surprised him because of my exprience level. I had to do ten rides just because of my maping skills of Tulsa. Heck, I expected more than that because I'm so new to town.
So, I finished last Weds and my new shift doesn't begin until THIS Weds.
That' six days off in a row right when we are getting settled into a new house. How awesome is the Lord with that?
My new shift is Weds-Thurs-Fri-Sat from noon to midnight. Great shift!
I have not met my EMT partner yet, but I hear she's a pretty good hand.
Man, I'm excited! Nervous as all get out though. Being the one in charge makes me sick to my stomach. I was talking to one of the education directors and he said he didn't eat for a week when he first started on the streets, so I guess that's normal.
Ok, my wife just said that we have some friends coming over to see the house so I assume I should shower.
will update later.

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