Thursday, March 23, 2006

I Now Pronounce You...

Today I had my first official pronouncement.
The Patient's wife was there, Tulsa Fire Department was there, police showed up just a few minutes later.
The patient was obviously dead.
More than likely it was a heart attack.
Not to go into detail, because for those of you who are a bit squeamish, those specifics may be difficult, but it was quite apparent.
We try to rationalize in times of grief.
Although I'm quite certain she knew better...the wife asked if we could still revive him.
It had been too long. Hours too long.
I had "Declared" a patient dead during my student internship back in Omaha, but it wasn't official and that patient had been far too gone for help weeks ago.
I think I had mentioned something via bugblog a while ago.
This was the first time it counted.
The first time I'll more than likely have to be taken aside to have my report reviewed with me.
This was my first time trying to comfort a grieving family as they try to cope with understanding that their loved one was gone. That there was nothing I could do, nothing ANYONE could do to help their loved one.
Knew it was going to come sometime.
Just like you're never ready when a loved one dies.
You're never ready when YOU have to tell someone else that THIER loved one had died.
Today was the day.
Just like my first day with EMSA and how memorable that day was.
I'll always remember this one.
Wish it was a different first that I could add to the memory list.

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