Thursday, October 21, 2004

Heart Burn Sucks

I hate heart burn.
It sucks big time. I have it constantly. I was doing the Prilosec thing, but for some reason they stopped making it because of some insurance issue regading Nexium and reimbursments and Prilosec being so similar...
OK, Insurance companies suck worse than heart burn.
I'm scarfing down Tums/Rolaids and Alkaselzer like there's no tomorrow. Gotta watch it though. Don't want to throw of my ph balance of my blood. That would really suck.
It used to be about every 4-6 weeks I'd get this excrusiating pain in the stomach that would last about 24-48 hours. NOTHING I did would make it go away, then as fast as it started, it'd go away. I'm certain that it's a gallbladder thing. I had it looked at, but they say no. I even get that refered pain directly dorsal to my stomach/gallbladder area that's indicative of a gallbladder flare up. Now that I have insurance again, I'm going to get back on Prilosec until I can get my gallbladder worked on.
Thing is, I'm pretty ...oh so pretty...I'm so pretty and...[clears voice] I'm pretty noncompliant. I drink caffine and refuse to give up spicy food so I put this on myslefe sometimes...But even when I eat or drink the most benign foods, I have stomach issues. (pity party-pity party)
All that to say... I'm going to Champs tonight to eat hot wings and watch football with a buddy from out of town.

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