Saturday, October 16, 2004

How Did I Miss It?

How the heck did I miss the final presidential debate???
I was so excited for it and I totally forgot to watch it.
I am so ashamed. Not that it would change who I'm going to vote for.
Maybe now that the final debate is over we can stop hearing about these so called, "undecided" voters. With the marked differences between these two candidates how can anyone be undecided?
Anyone who claims to be undecided is either absolutely lying because they are afraid of what kind of confrontation they may encounter or just trying to get attention.
I need to get this movie

Nebraska plays Baylor today. I think I've recovered from the trouncing we took against Texas Tech. I'm confident my Huskers will bounce back.
We need to be patient with coach Callahan. I'm certain that good things come to those who wait. I'm looking forward to Callahan lifting up that Waterford Crystal Football many times!

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