Monday, October 18, 2004

Maybe I'm a Jerk

Maybe I'm a jerk, but I'm hiding here in the basement from my wife's guests. She has a friend visiting from out of town with her two daughters.
I just don't like her. (The friend, that is) She's so very "small" town. I can't get into that kind of mind set. The jerk comes from the aspect that I'm prejudice myself. The gal is literally 300 lbs over weight. Heck, I'm over weight. I need to lose about 20 lbs, but over 300???
She cheated on her first husband and is surprised that her second husband (The one she cheated on the first husband with) left her for another woman. anyone surprised when stuff like this happens. These people have been here all morning and just won't go away. The chick jokes, "Tee, hee...we moved in and took over...tee hee."
Grrrr! Not to mention she drives a PT cruiser. I already have negative attitude about people who drive those Lemming Mobiles anyway. This is all just snowballing my bad attitude I have about her. Sigh...

I need to go some where and watch MNF tonight. My struggling Buccaneers are playing the hated Rams tonight. Boo, Rams!
That will make me happy. Football, 2-3 Guinness and some hot wings.

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