Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I Have Crabs.

I think I failed to mention a big part of my life.
I have Crabs.
Six to be exact. We got three Hermit Crabs last December then my wife got me three for Valentines day. Wow, my wife gave me crabs on Valentines day. That just sounds gross.
Their names are: Yellow Guy, Sam, Gary, Ophelia, Mortermer and Little Guy. They really are a trip. Fun to watch. Did you know that crabs chirp and squeek and make odd noises? It's kind of funny. Normally they bury themselves and then sing away. A couple of days ago I think I surprised Gary when he was coming out of his CoCoNutHut. He made this high pitched squeel like I've never heard before and retreated back into his home. Funny.
I put half of a Wheat Thin in the tank yesterday and my crabs went wild. There were three of them chewing on it with two three more waiting their turns for a while then pushed them selves in... The two bigger crabs started a tug of war over the piece. I mean literally backward and forward...It was a trip to watch!! I finally broke two others in half so all six of them could have thier own piece. They munched and munched all evening. It was wild hearing so much munching go on. It's not like I don't feed them. I give them the amino enriched dried flies, the crabby pellets, carrots and grapes each week, but I've NEVER seen them go so crazy over anything

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