Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Adoption Is An Option

I'm pro life, but it always pissed me off every time I see one of those bumper stickers or drive by a Planned Parenthood when people are holding signs that say "Adoption Is An Option"

I wonder, how many of you self absorbed holier than thou hypocrites would actually take one of those babies and raise them as your own?

Easier said than done.
I've never been one for easy, so...

The past month (Mrs Bug) and I have been waiting to see if we could adopt a baby who's 16 year old mother was raped.

As is protocol, we had written letters to the mother, made a family srcap book so she could see what kind of family the baby boy would be going to. (He's due December 16th)

We have been praying daily for the mother and that the decision would be the one best for the baby.

Friday we found that we were one of three families she was finally considering. Wow, what a tense weekend.

Yesterday we found out that we ended up the number two choice.
It's hard not to take it as rejection, because we believe in providence (no, not Rhode Island) I can't tell you how heart broken we were. I was dreading the deciison and was devistated to find that we were not chosen and there it happened.

Although, it hurts, I believe the baby is going to the best family.

Well, TODAY we were asked to take a one month old baby who has been put into long term foster care. Meth Addict Mom.
This one is a girl, were were hoping for a boy just because of living space and our existing three children.
We said yes because we just love children and couldn't even think of rejecting a child.

We pick up the baby in two hours. Mrs Bug is at the store buying formula and diapers for the baby with our neighbor, Mrs Bug's Neighbor.

We haven't told family or friends about any of the last few days and tonight we are having Thanks Giving with my family an hour after we pick the baby up.

"Hey. look what we found out in the street"

The baby has been with a temporary foster family for the last month. Has never been with the Mother except for supervised visits. So that should tell you that she's already on the State's short list.
The birth mom has been a big problem already with the baby.
She has three other children that have already been taken from her.

The baby is in a Fos-Adopt program. She's adoptable, but reunification is always the intent, so we have to go through this whole process, maybe even years and then the baby may go back to her birthmom.

Am I ready for the roller coaster?
Dunno, I hope so.
So, thought I'd share what's going on in the Bug Nest.

Blessings everyone.

Happy Thanks Giving.

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