Monday, November 15, 2004


Holy crow. Whole day of testing. (Respiratory) Usually we have our written test in the morning, then lecture the rest of the afternoon. Thrusday and Friday we are broken down into four sections to make it quicker and easier by having smaller groups. AM and PM both days. I have Thursday PM. Usually I have my practical testing stations Thursday afternoon. Today we had it all day long. Well, I passed with a 97% average for all my tests.
Man, I was nervous too. I guess when I get too cocky I do poorly.
Tomorrow starts the cardiac block. I love cardiac!!

My brother started a new job at "Cheeseburger-Cheeseburger". It's a national franchise that just opened up here in Omaha. Tonight is family night. He gets to invite three people. My mother and my buddy Scott and I are going as family. Scott is actually related way, way in the past some how. We figured it out once by accident. Funny, eh?
Well, we get free stuff tonight to Eat and Drink, so tonight call me Mary.

OK, time to study cardiac before my oldest daughter gets home from school. I need to go mix a SPARK packet and drink it down. I'm kind of tired.

Oh, yeah. Although I am having a cheeseburger tonight on a special occasion, I've been doing that oatmeal breakfast thing to get my cholesterol down. Quick Oats. Three minutes to a heart healthy breakfast!

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