Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Holy Crow! Just got back from the Doctors and got a shocker!
My triglycerides are 236. Cholesterol is 203. HDL (good cholesterol) is 31.
Because of being a full time student with no income, I had to cut out my gym membership for budget reasons. I know I don't eat as much and I've gained a little weight, but I still have some muscle under my fat.
Makes me start to take the BMI (Body Mass Index) scale a little more seriously. Based upon the BMI with my weight, I should be 6 ft 8. I'm only 5 ft 9.
Gotta start doing something about it now. Sigh.
Isn't there a magic pill or something. Maybe I need to do what the commercials say and eat more oatmeal or cheerios or something instead of the fruity pebbles.
As long as I don't have to stop drinking coffee. At least I take my coffee black.

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