Friday, November 12, 2004


Right after the fall of Bahgdad my mother spent some time working with a relief agency group in Iraq.

At the time the Iraqis were very grateful and saying how much they loved America and George Bush and were very grateful that they were liberated from Saddam.

Well, after over a year of what we have seen in the media about how much the Iraqi people want us out I thought I'd share an e-mail from an Iraqi woman to my mom and her team members whow were with her in Iraq.

"Dear Friends,
I want to congratulate you on the re-elction of President George Bush. I know that you prayed a lot for this. We are also happy for this. President Bush freed us from dictatorship and tyranny. We hope that he and the US Amininstration will keep helping us to establish freedom and defeat the terrorists. Our wish is to keep good relations with the Amarican people to make the world more peaceful and prosperous. I hope that everything is ok with you all.

Please keep in touch.
God bless you.

I don't know about any of you who read this, but this touched me.
Regardless of what our lying media says, our men and women are doing a noble job. I'm proud of them and know that they are appreciated overseas despite what the spineless Euros are saying.

My mother also says that she recieved emails from other Iraqi's she knows from her time there regarding the beheadings and they said that every Iraqi knows the kidnappers are foreigners and not them, but apologized anyway on behalf of "true Muslims".

Malak, the woman who's letter I posted, told my mother that everyone she knows doesn't blame America for the prisoner abuse stuff either, that American soldiers have been good to them and that the prison was a bunch of bad apples.

That, my friends, is awesome. Almost brought a tear to my eyes.
Just thought I'd share something about Iraq that I know is true.

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