Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Well, I'm spiralling down the rejection cycle.
I was at a review session for the National Registry at Creighton and one of my classmates who took the Fire Test in Lincoln with me told me that Lincoln Fire and Rescue hired thier class. He got the rejection letter a month ago. I didn't get one. (our postman sucks, by the way)
He says he was in a funk for about a week afterwards; this is the second time he's applied in Lincoln. Well, I guess I need to concentrate on the Overland Park/Johnson County thing.
I just put in a call to one of my former Paramedic classmates who works down there to try to get a pulse of the sitiuation down there.
Moving to the KC area actually sounds better to me anyway. I've already been looking for apartments for the family.
Sigh, can't get to caught up in it all. If I lose focus and don't pass National Registry then the whole thing is mute anyway.

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