Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Maybe I've been drinking a bit too much coffee, every day since I've taken my Paramedic National Registry test I've been checking the website to see if I've passed or not.
Yesterday they indicated that they had received it and it had been passed on to grading. ( Takes 72 hours)
Well, I didn't want to wait 72 hours so I checked this morning and then checked this afternoon.
It says:
Name: BugAhaBuc*
Level: Paramedic
Status: Registered
Description: Currently registered with the NREMT.

Written Exam Date: 10/17/2005
Written Exam Scored: 10/25/2005 Passed
Written Results Mailed:


Now, that's all they give you at this point. They mail the results later, as you can see above where we'll be able to see the break down of our scores, including the overall score.
What matters most, however, is that I freag'n passed!!!!!

Now, I need to go drink more coffee.
Rift Valley Blend today. Made it in the French Press.

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