Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Results Mailed

Wow, they're moving fast.
Checked this morning and the NREMT website indicated that they mailed the results off already today. Now I can apply for Nebraska state licensure and then for Kansas state reciprocity.
-Sigh- Jocoems, was supposed to call me again yesterday for to establish a date to take "thier" test.
C'mon guys, I just took the NREMT National Registry. Isn't that good enough?

Wasn't supposed to work tonight, but my boss needed a fill in. I'll be working for her.
At least she's going to work my Saturday morning for me. It'll be nice having a Saturday off.
Maybe watch some football. Do I really want to watch my Huskers play OU? Yes, but I'm going to be nauseous during the entire game. Last week's loss against Missouri hurt. We've got to win this one. I know the Huskers are better than the way they played last week.

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