Thursday, October 27, 2005

I May Be In A Movie.

I neglected to mention a couple of weeks back(Oct 6th) that they were filming a movie down town called "Leaving Omaha" -About some family trying to get away for vacation and wacky things happen to them.
The movie has:
Dave Foley,(kids in the hall) Lea Thompson( too many movies to list), Patricia Richardson, (Home Improvement + West wing) Cynthia Stevenson,“Agent Cody Banks,” “Six Feet Under”) Ethan Phillips, (“Bad Santa,” “Star Trek” movie and TV episodes) and Vicky Lewis (“Seinfeld” and “Home Improvement”)

They were filming all day infront of the Starbuck's I work at.

(I made a late's and Cafe Mochas for all those guys.)

Had a bunch of pictures taken with them,.
Anyway, during my lunch break, the "Location Director" had me walk back and forth along the side walk during a couple of scenes.

Who knows, maybe I'll make the cut.

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