Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Do You Hear That?

Can you hear it? I'm sure if you hold your ear close enough to the monitor you can hear my stomach grumbling.
As the move comes closer, I'm craving all the traditional Omaha fravorites before I go.
Like McDonalds and Wendy's...
Seriously. I am having some serious jonesing for Valentino's and I haven't even left yet.
I think it's in anticipation for not haveing free access to it any time I want.
There goes my stomach again.
So, I think I may pick up one of thier lunches on my way to work.
Funny, it's all Pizza I want before I go.
Don Carmelo's
Not so much Runzas, like so many do, but I just may just to say that I did.

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