Friday, December 02, 2005

Again With The Waiting...

It's been non-stop Starbuck's since I've returned from Tulsa.
I think the interview went rather well.
It was sincerely the most enjoyable interview I've ever had.
Very relaxed. Nice, nice people.
The salary the quoted me was much, much lower than I had anticipated or hoped for.
Grrr....I don't know how long Little Rock will be before they even contact me for an interview/testing phase, so I may be inclined to accept the Tulsa job if they offer it to me.
I was hoping for an offer letter today, but they DID say that I should hear from them by letter no latter than Tuesday.
When I have had corporate jobs, I have negotiated for a higher salary, but I am not too sure I feel comfortable negotiating with this kind of job. It is an hourly pay kind of job. It's only 3 x 12 hour shifts a week, so there is ample opportunity for extra shifts at overtime so it COULD possibly work out better. I have felt more secure negotiating in the past because I have been in more stable, better paying jobs that I could use as a platform, but I am barely making ends meet at Starbuck's.
I dunno, time will tell. Got to trust that God has it all in control. I tend to try to make things happen on my own.

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