Friday, December 16, 2005

The Morning After

No surprise U2 tickets.
No surprise party.
No surprise anything for that matter.
Why am I still wearing the duty cap I put on to take my daughter to school?
Wife got a baby sitter.
We went to Chipotle Grill.
They have some pretty good stuff for semi-fast food. If you have never been there, it's a step up fom Taco Bell, but much more expensive.
Like it a ton, but you just can't beat the bean for you buck with Taco Bell.
The rest of the night was spent just walking the mall and talking "uninterrupted" with the wife.
Nice, relaxing night.


Got a call from a nurse in Vegas when I got home. Dad is in the hospital again after being found on the floor of his retirement home. Can't swallow anymore and has to have a G-Button put in.
Is on two different type of Inotropes, because of CHF. I think my dad is just wearing down, I don't think he realizes that with the G-button he won't be able to go back to the retirement center and will have to go to a nursing home. It's hard to process a parent getting too old, you know? It's hard to grasp the reality that they are not long for this world. I can only pray that he comes to a point of contrition before he goes. Not looking forward to "The Call", but I know it's more than likely going to come soon.

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