Monday, December 12, 2005

Sleepless In Omaha

Yeah, the title is cliche, but it's my blog, so come up with your own clever title on your own blog.
I hate this insomnia thing. Usually, I can go down to the couch and I'll sleep after a bit, but my mind is going a billion miles per hour.
I'm not one to get nervous or worry, but I can't stop thinking about Tulsa and the new job.
A ton to think about, you know?
Moving my entire family, only after being away from them for six weeks. (boo, hoo, soldiers are in Iraq for a year away from thier families)
Not making nearly what I was expecting. (And you're making more now?)
With an EMT-B partner, it's all on me. (So you went to Paramedic school so someone else can make all the decisions?)
blah, blah, goes on and on in my head.

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