Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Waiting Game

So, now it's time for the tried and true version of "THE WAITING GAME!" [Insert deep, echo chamber voice]
All necesary items have been sent down to Johnson County MED-ACT. I have taken thier version of the National Registry (Which, if I failed to mention, I passed) and am waiting for them to grade it. I found out today, that they are not starting their academy on the 28th of November as I had previously assumed, but they are starting on January 4th. Takes the pressure of quite a bit.
November 28th is when they begin the interview process. Must remember to clean my ears out more regularly.
I guess, I get to work at Starbuck's a little while longer. That's good in a way, in December I get 2 lbs of coffee a week instead of one. I will build up my caffine stockpile like a bean miser...bwuah, ha, ha, ha...
I'll have to reorientate my brain toward staying a bit longer. I think I've been buying into the short timer syndrome, which is not good either way.
Speaking of Starbuck's. Today they unveiled the new seasonal, Ginger Bread and Egg Nog Lates. I like ginger bread and I like Egg Nog, but in a Late? Freak'n gross!!!
With the Pumpkin Spice Lates that they have now, people ask me if it's good. I just give them that "Legendary" smile and say, "It's very popular." [Translation, I think it's absolutely gross, but women and some men who I hold in very little regard order it all the time.]
Seriously, If you are a guy who orders a freag'n Pumpkin Spice or Ginger Bread Late, you have immediately lost all guy points. Stink'n grow a set and order a Doppio Esspresso. If you want to feel you feminine side order your Doppio Esspresso Con Pana (with whip) That's an acceptable deviation of masculine taste. These, um, men, come in and order a non-fat Pumkin Spice Late with one SPLENDA®. You know this guy has a pink triangle on the back of his car and if he doesn't I'll go put one on there for him because he drinks like he needs it there.
Maybe I'm a coffee snob. I like my coffee like I like my women. Bitter and murkey.
Alright, better get upstairs.
Been hiding too long on the computer.

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