Monday, November 28, 2005

Almost Died Last Night!!!!

Dang! Can you say white knuckle driving?
Drove to Little Rock last night.
60mph winds, drving rain and tornados the whole way. 9 1/2 hours.
You should have seen all the buildings blown down along the way.
Crazy too, they drive like 90 and above through AR and OK. Seriously. I was driving 80+ just so that I wouldn't get run off the road (Inthe weather mentioned) and people were still tail gating me andpassing me. Went by a pretty big car accident on the way into Tulsa, the ambulances were just leaving when I went buy. I guess some wood from a lumber yard got blown into the interstate, struck a mini-van and knocked it over. Killed one guy, the other guy was in critical condition last I heard. Yet, they still drove on like loons.
Went to MEMS of Little Rock for an Paramedic position.
It was rather anticlimactic.
Filled out an application, handed her my resume packet and she looked at it and said, "We'll call you for testing and interviews." She looked at the Resume, saw the color copies of all my certifications and said, "Ooooh, that's nice...what a great idea." paused and said, "You're already a Paramedic, that's good." What the heck? Of course I'm "Already a Paramedic". It's not an OJT thing....I know there is a reason I was suppose to drive there and apply. I need to trust God that he's going to make things work out.
Now I'm in Tulsa for my intervew tomorrow.
Man, I'm tired.
Didn't sleepwell last night.
I'm nervous as all get out, Panel interview in the morning, so I probably won't sleep well tonight.

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