Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cops Called.

We called the cops on one of our neighbors today.
They send their 2 year old, 4 year old and 8 year old out to play with NO supervision all the time. I mean ALL the time. We NEVER see the parents.

Well, today a neighbor lady knocks on our door at 8:00 am. She's holding a the two year old who is only wearing Pampers and little t-shirt.
The lady asked, "This little guy was just wandering around. Do you know where he belongs?"

So I take the guy over to his apartment where only the screen door is closed.
I knock...wait...knock harder....wait...ring the bell and knock....wait.....nothing.
So I stick him inside. [Repeat the previous three times]

So, We call the cops. I was just going to call CPS, but the wife wanted the cops called because the parents might be dead or sick or something.

Cops come and knock and ring and call in through the door. Get no response. So the cops go inside. Turns out that the mom was just sleeping upstairs. She said her son must not have locked the screen door when he left for school. They said that they filed a report and the next time it happens the mom will be arrested. Mrs. Bug is worried that we pissed off the neighbors, but I could care less. Better a pissed off neighbor than a dead kid.

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