Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tulsa Trip

Well, it looks like I'm Tulsa bound.

Finally got in touch with EMSA, seems thier recruiting coordinator is overly taxed and is not in his office much. Imagine, a guy involved with EMS overly taxed. But, I want to get involved with this stuff in the worst way.

It's nice having friends down in the Tulsa area.
I have options to chose from in where I can stay, though, I'm looking forward to staying with a family who are pretty much our best family friends. We love these guys and only can pray they stay a long time. They miss Nebraska a ton. Maybe it'll be easier for them when we move down there.

EMSA: Panel interview on the 29th and thier 4 week Academy begins January 9th.
I think I can manage staying at Starbuck's for a little while longer, just need to pick up as many hours at other stores as I can.

Being in Big 12 Country will be still be cool. I couldn't imagine living in Big 10, SEC or ACC country. Like the history in OK.

Man, am I ready for a change.

Dang, I'm late for work!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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