Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Is It For Breakfast?

Mmmm......Last night my wife made some pretty tastey home made vegetable soup. It had nice "hearty" (whatever that means, but it sounds appropriate) chunks of vegetalbes. I was thinking, this is really nice, but it needs just one more thing...some sort of sausage. So, I decided to go out and get a movie (I had yet to see Star Wars Episode III-Revenge Of The Sith) and rented it.

The video store is next to a discount super market so I decided to peruse the meat counter.
Low and behold what do I see? But a Hillshire Farm Hot Smoked Sausage looking at me. We love the Hillshire Farm Polska Keilbasa, but I had never seen this.

To make a long story not at all much shorter, but for the lack of a better segway, this morning I was chopping up the Hot Smoked Sausage to put in the soup and saw that I had more than what the soup really needed. Since my two middle children had eaten my Malt O'Meal I heated up about an inch of the alluring link. HOLY CROW! That stuff is awesome!!! I would highly advise anyone who has even a bit of a palate to try that. If they don't have it at the store you frequent change stores immediately because your store meat manager is a moron.

I think I just may have to make a store run after the Mrs. gets back and do some of this for lunch. Maybe with some nice boxed AuGratin potatos.

I had a rooomate once with whom I used to cook Hillshire Farm Polska Keilbasa and Boxed AuGratin Potatos and Broccoli a lot with. When you're a couple of bachelors that's good home cook'n.

Oh, by the way, I neither work for nor represent Hillshire Farm in any way. I just think saying the entire name is fun.

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