Tuesday, November 15, 2005

How Long?

Dang, how long must it take to get in touch with Tulsa?
It's like phone tag, but they're in slow motion.

I always tell my brother, "Employers are never in as much of a hurry to hire you as you are to be hired.", but It's hard to take ones own advice.

I really need to start looking for another job. $8.50 and hour plus tips at Starbuck's isn't enough to support a family. Paramedics for private ambulance companies here in Omaha only make $9.00 an hour so it's not much better.

Maybe I can look at Creighton Medical Center and get a job as an ICU tech or something.
It's getting rather frustrating. I looked at Little Rock, AR, but you have to go down there and apply in person. That's a bit of a jaunt to fill out an application that may or may not happen.

Today is the first snow of the year and everyone is driving like morons. It's amazing how the time between snow falls erases any type of winter weather driving skills. The kids were so happy that it was going to snow that they had us get out thier "Heavy Coats" out the night before so they'd have them ready.

I'm dreading my Noon to 4 shift at Starbuck's today. (What a worthless shift) It's going to be freagg'n busy with people coming in for winter drinks. What amazes me is that no matter how cold it is out, there is always some one and her friend (usually a women and no I'm not a mysoganist,) who order two different kinds of Frappuccinos during a stink'n rush.

Ok, I'm being bad father by ignoring my kids while the spouse is gone.
Anyone know of a 911 base ambulance service that is hiring, pop me a message, will ya?

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