Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More and More Drama

Holy stink'n crow.
When it rains it pours.
Maybe there should be a law for drama limits in a week or something.

As you guys know, our adoptive baby boy has a G-Button (Tummy tube feeding valve thingy) because when we got him he was in failure to thrive. He was only taking 1/2 once by mouth the rest by G-button. Well, we haven't used it in 10 weeks for nutrition and for about 8 weeks for medication. He is taking 100% of his intake by mouth.
Well, the last 4 weeks his G-button has been really red and leaky. We called and they said, that's normal. We said, we know it's not normal. They said, you have a Dr appointment in 6 weeks let's look at it then.
The last two weeks th G-button has been WAY LEAKY, like 3-4 ounces leaky after each feeding.

The last week, it's been literally squirting out stomach acid. We've caled and called and they said, "Well, it needs to stay in for 6 months after last use anyway just in case he catches a cold." WTF??? "Yeah, in case he catches a cold and needs fluid." WTF do you do normally with kids who get really sick during the cold season. Worst case, send them to the ER and put in an IV. Just because the kid has Down, we have to leave it in?

Any way, finally we called enough times in the last few days to get thier attention and they said, "We'll take it out and put a new one that fits better in, it must just need to be replaced."
Mrs. Bug takes him to the office, it's only a nurse who looks at it, she lifts up his shirt and says, "Um, we need to have the Doc look at this in-between his surgeries." The doc is pissed off that he has to be called to the whiney parents, storms in, looks at it and says. "Oh, that's not right. No F'n duh, you freak'n asss hole.

[side note: Mrs.Bug has worked with him in surgery and knows hes one of the biggest asses in surgery she's ever worked with]

Anyway Mrs. Bug tells him the whole story of how he was when we got him and where he is now......factors into his decison that........
The site not only is really erroded and infected, but also quite herniated. The pulled the tube[spewed mucousa, food, and acid all over the doc] now his is in the hospital, they're doing surgery on Wednesday to fix the herniation and they decided not to replace the G-button.
Bastards, we could have saved them the trouble a few weeks ago when we asked them to pull it out then and he wouldn't have to have all this surgery.

We are not these, "Well, we're medical people and you better listen to us pain in the butts, but WE'RE MEDICAL PEOPLE AND YOU BETTER LISTEN TO US!!!!
You would not believe how nice everyone was being to us tonight. I just left the hospital and Mrs. Bug and I did the pass the baton of staying in the room. Next couple of days are gonna suck.

By the way, I may be driving down to Tulsa for an interview next week. Will solidify things tomorrow (Wednesday)

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